In today’s tech world we all need different types of software for the smooth and ethical functioning of the organization. Today we have for everything from accounting to documentation to HR to project management and many more.

But when it comes to choosing, we get confused and end up choosing an inappropriate software for our organization. Here are seven steps to avoid buying a wrong software.

Empower your team to find the right software to serve your member and mission –

1. Set strategic objectives- 39 % of NFP’s conducted strategic and long-term financial planning in 2013.

2. Gather pain points from each department

3. Prioritize project goals

4. Estimate project value- 40% of NFP’s upgraded hardware or software to improve organizational efficiency in 2013.

5. Research- Organizations implemented SAAS ERP on the budget compared to 12 % over budget for on-premise ERP.

6. Evaluate members

7. Research-  Organize user group training methods and documentation.



Conclusion- Avoid choosing a chaotic software for your organization. Consider the above points and choose the most suitable software for your company.