In a bid to assist individuals and companies in defending amid the rising cyber attacker. The attacker is diligently testing defenses for vulnerabilities that, if found, will inevitably bring them closer to their end goal.

To prevent such situations, our design team has crafted an infographic detailing vulnerable areas and showcasing data theft statistics.

Path of A Cyber Attacker - Itsguru

Attackers can pursue different objectives, like disrupting business operations or overloading the organization’s internet, based on their goals. Experian consumers reported more than $900 million in total fraud losses.

With these shocking statistics in mind, it’s simple to see why we require to start taking identity management much more seriously. Identity cyber attacker, data breaches, and many other ignorance and failures in identity management are on the mount, and we need to start shielding ourselves.

Please keep your company information secure until we create another infographic for our prospects. Stay safe!