AWS Cloud Migration


    A leading automotive dealership in the USA, boasting a strong team of 300+ employees and an extensive store network, experienced challenges in managing transaction data and user access control. Utilizing local storage, they encountered significant operational costs, security concerns, and complexities in managing their system.


    In a remarkable feat of technical expertise, we at ITsGuru have successfully guided our client through a seamless transition to Amazon Cloud, unlocking the full spectrum of real-time data storage and access management opportunities. This carefully orchestrated migration journey, employing a phased strategy, meticulously analyzed and mirrored the client's data and security protocols to ensure a swift, hiccup-free, and punctual implementation. Our unwavering commitment to minimizing downtime and disturbances has truly redefined the cloud migration experience.


    Discover how our client unlocked substantial financial benefits by making the savvy switch to Amazon Cloud Storage. This ingenious move allowed them to slash storage and backup expenses by a remarkable 55%, thanks to a superior and automated backup subscription plan. The cherry on top is a dramatic 34% reduction in hardware and infrastructure costs, achieved by bidding farewell to dedicated storage devices for real-time data and backup. They are growing the business for the future by saving today!


    ITsGuru showed the formula of success to the client with Amazon Cloud, streamlining their operations by eliminating the need for a dedicated team to oversee data security and backup schedules. This powerful shift led to a striking 30% reduction in manpower expenses, unleashing valuable resources to be channeled into crucial business sectors.


    The client experienced heightened security confidence with Amazon Cloud, embracing a fusion of multi-factor authentication, adaptive access policies, and pioneering identity safeguard measures. ITsGuru deployed the power of conformity to vital industry norms and security benchmarks, bolstering the client's business with that crucial competitive edge.


    Our esteemed client seamlessly transitioned from their local storage hub to the cutting-edge Amazon Cloud, unlocked substantial cost reduction, streamlined manpower, and fortified security measures. This swift, effortless migration helped to build the trust of our client in us, and Amazon Cloud's dependability and security in data management enabled our client to center their attention on pivotal business aspects.