Disaster Recovery

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  • Client Information

    A prestigious US automotive dealership, with a remarkable two-decade history of excellence, caters to a diverse clientele in the region. This esteemed establishment showcases an eclectic range of manufacturers such as KIA, Chevrolet, and Isuzu. Beyond a mere purchase, customers are welcome to experience exceptional service, tailored to their specific needs in vehicle sales, maintenance, and trade-ins.

  • Client Requirements

    The client desired a cutting-edge, secure data storage and backup solution to effortlessly manage off-site exchanges, without the burden of outdated, unencrypted hard drives. Their goal was to discover a robust and sustainable answer to master their storage and security necessities.

  • ITsGuru Approach

    Imagine a world where a single click can save the day! The ITsGuru team has made that possible for their client with an ultra-secure cloud data backup system. Not only can users remotely access their critical files, but they can also retrieve their precious data with ease in case of a disaster - all thanks to the mirrored data available in distant cloud locations.

    What's more? Say goodbye to the exhausting manual backup process. The ITsGuru team implemented AWS cloud services including EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda, and Big Data, all for a seamless automatic backup process that saves valuable time and guarantees peace of mind!

  • Client Challenge Areas

    The ITsGuru team faced the complex task of transferring sensitive data to secure cloud storage without disrupting their daily tasks. To tackle this challenge, an internal meeting was conducted, featuring a collaborative discussion with ITsGuru's IT head, Mr. Himanshu (Raj) Patel. This led to the development of a process blueprint that focused on comprehending past methods and implementing an enhanced backup procedure with robust security measures, all while ensuring that backups were conducted during periods of system inactivity.

    Focused on key responsibilities:

    • The organization's storage and security practices are understood.
    • Keep a vigilant eye on server performance and ensure seamless automatic scheduled backups for optimal system efficiency.
    • Safeguarding seamless data migration to maintain undisrupted business activities.
    • Automated the scheduler to take automatic backup in a specific interval with the setting of complete backup, incremental backup, and differential backup.
    • Directing the client’s personnel to ensure resource availability for smooth project execution.

  • Ideas Delivered

    The ITsGuru team of professionals diligently executed a foolproof backup strategy, complete with remote, password-secured access. Client satisfaction soared as their transition to an extensive storage system banished the torment of local storage and manual backups.

  • Conclusion

    The automated encrypted backup system provided by ITsGuru not only solved their client's problem, but it also created a substantial profit margin that gave their business the boost it needed. The client can now rest easy knowing their data is secure and properly backed up with no extra effort on their part. Moreover, they are saved from the troubles of dealing with hardware maintenance. ITsGuru is proud to have delivered an innovative solution tailored to the special needs of its customers.

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