Finding new life insurance leads is hard work. There are so many ways to generate lead and keeping track of these various options is highly tricky.

A lead generation guide will surely be helpful to choose the appropriate marketing strategy for your organization in Australia.

There are a vast majority of agents, advisors and planners who look cost effective and best ways to generate life insurance leads. Many of them have tried methods like purchasing leads, pre-booked appointments, free reports, newsletters, emails, etc. with hardly any success. The reason these lead generation technique did not work, because they did not learn how to combine 3 or 4 methods for generating leads.

Insurance industry has a huge market. Any individual buys a minimum of seven life insurance in a year. Here are 8 ways to generate Life Insurance Leads:

1. Partnership Referrals

In this type of referral system, you partner with another business to generate leads. You can pay for the recommended leads or exchange the leads. Any of the ways will work well for businesses. A direct call does not really work that well, but a reference from another business is something that will do wonders. Partnership referral is like a set up for your business.

2. Build Your Network

Build a network with people who could recommend any prospective leads with the line of insurance you are selling. The way to get into your related circles is to participate in local professional events, group activities, joining business groups and get involved in engagements. Grow your network. Once you grow your network, you will see you start getting many references.

3. Exchange Leads

There must be some lead exchange groups in your area. To get more leads in your network, you can organize a lead exchange programme within your network. The successful local businessmen can gather for a weekly breakfast or lunch programme. As there are successful people of the various industry at one meeting, there is no question of competitiveness. In the exchange lead programme, only one member of a particular industry should be allowed in.

4. Co-registration

This is like an online advertising category. It is happening on the internet. You can get high-quality referrals from other companies. Once the potential client has registered on the website, they can choose whether they agree to be contacted with other offers. If the prospective lead agrees to be contacted by the others, your partner company will provide with the information and you can directly communicate with them.

5. Educational Workshops

You need to understand that no one wants to meet the sales person one-on-one basis. So an educational workshop is the best way to find new prospects and introduce them to the services you provide at a lower cost.

Educational groups are cost-effective options. You can call (5-10) couples and convert them. As educational workshops are considered as public services, you can hold them anywhere in your conference room, local library, etc. But agents don’t have an idea of how to get people to attend their workshop.

Here is the thing you need to invite the right people to your educational workshops. It is about inviting people you know personally. You can invite friends, family, relatives, your business circle, client referrals, people who have asked for more information about you and more. The agents should create an interesting power point presentation.

6. Marriage/ Engagement Announcements

Some couples put newspaper advertisements in local newspapers about their marriage or engagements. The newly married couples are the best prospective leads you are looking for. Any newly married couple would invest money for securing their future.  As they are entering a new stage of life, they will value the advice of a trusted agent.

7. Carry Bank Business Cards

You just ran into someone who is interested in your business or is a good prospective lead. But they don’t have a business card to give you. What you can do in that case is to carry blank business cards with a pen and note down the personal details.

8. Host Webinars

Offering a webinar means providing with valuable information online and a great way to generate leads. You can give a detailed insight into the insurance programme. Develop educational content for the listeners to understand the whole insurance plan.  The best aspect about webinars is that it is not audience specific. It has valuable material that can be interesting for anyone.

Generate life insurance leads by opting for some of these combinations. As we know lead generation requires a lot of efforts, patience and most importantly an understanding about people. So hope these Lead generation ideas where helpful to you.