No matter how hard you try your Instagram follower count remains the same? Getting users to follow you has become trickier than ever. Just uploading photos and adding hashtags to it isn’t enough anymore. If you truly want to grow big on Instagram, you need to take a few extra efforts. Don’t go searching anywhere because we have everything you need from the best way to get real Instagram followers to a comparison iDigic vs Instanobelin this article.

How to get more Instagram followers?

1. Follow Instagram trends

If you are wondering how to gain more followers on Instagram, then this is your answer. The fastest way to get users to follow you is by following Instagram trends. For example, one recent trend was people asking their followers for assumptions about them. Make sure you make assumptions about other people as a way to promote each other. Upload the answers as posts to boost your content.

instagram trends

2. Use relevant keywords as hashtags

If you are posting a cat video, you can’t hashtag it as #dogfunnyvideo. If you don’t use relevant hashtags, Instagram users will consider your other content as irrelevant. Do a quick search before uploading an image. Write down the most popular related keywords and mention them at the end of the post.

3. Hold contests and giveaways

Collaborate with other Instagrammers and brands to host giveaways and contests. It isn’t necessary to give something big for free. You can start small with a $10 Starbucks or Target gift card. As you grow bigger, collaborate with brands to host international contests to reach a larger target audience.

Best way to get real Instagram followers

4. Post consistently

In the beginning, you will have to post more frequently to catch audience attention. Consider uploading three to four times a day as your target. You can continue with the frequency or decrease it to one to two times a day. At the same time, you should post stories to interact with your followers.

consistent posts

5. Interact with small Instagrammers

Talk to small Instagrammers that upload similar content like yours. You can collaborate with them on small projects and help each other grow. It is going to be difficult to gain trust in the beginning and that’s why you need to interact with them first.

6. Write compelling posts with images

Add value to your uploads by adding compelling text to it. It doesn’t need to be anything personal, just inspirational or humorous. Such posts encourage viewers and followers to interact and tag other people. If these other people like your posts, they will follow you for more.

How to get real Instagram followers?

7. Include location

To make your Instagram account more discoverable, include the location of where the photo was taken. Your post will appear on the timeline of those living around the area, those who have been there, and those who search the area. It is a long shot as we don’t guarantee it will always work but if it is a popular location, you will have users follow you in large numbers.

add location

8. Request for tags

If you are a brand or an upcoming company, request your clients to upload a photo with their review and special tags. Personalize a tag for your company, so users know that every time the tag is mentioned, it is your brand. Mention the tag in your profile bio as well. Other than that, be quick to reply on such images and other queries that Instagram users to put up. You need to come as a friendly brand.

9. Check Instagram analytics for what’s working

Upload different kinds of action-encouraging posts and check Instagram analytics for them. Continue with one or two that receives the best response. Other than that, run live videos to motivate people to start following you. A professional and crisp bio along with a high quality display picture will help you start off on a good note. It shows that you are a trustworthy brand and increases profile visibility.

The Better Choice: InstaNobel vs iDigic

While we firmly believe that all these methods work perfectly fine, they are time-consuming and requires complete attention. If you want to become an Instagram influencer overnight, you need to invest some money and grow followers quickly. We know two amazing websites that will help you achieve that. However, you cannot use the two at the same time as Instagram anti-fraudulent team can spot suspicious activity.

And that’s why we have an in-detail comparison of the two websites — InstaNobel and iDigic to help you out in making the right choice. Let’s get started.

1. InstaNobel

A leader in Instagram management, InstaNobel is known for its promotion services and attractive advertisement templates. It will help you to boost real Instagram follower count across an unlimited number of accounts in a short period of time. You can buy Instagram followers on the website occasionally to boost your follower count. In short, InstaNobel works on your behalf when you are away at school or at work. Open your computer, leave it on, and go out of the house.


InstaNobel will like and comment on photos of random Instagram users that fit your target audience selection. Let’s take a look at InstaNobel’s attractive features:

1. Available in four packages

Choose between four packages — Promotion, Direct Marketing, Comment Tracking, and Scheduled Posting. They are designed to perfectly meet your management needs.

2. Three-day trial

After you sign-up, try out different packages for free for three whole days. Isn’t that amazing? It not only gives you a chance to test the website but also gives you enough time to select a package.

3. Real likes and followers

InstaNobel likes and comments on your competitor’s photos to encourage their users to follow back. The likes and followers are a 100 percent real.

2. iDigic

iDigic is one of the earliest Instagram growth tool online having launched in 2011. Known for its instant delivery and customer satisfaction, the website sells Instagram likes, views, and followers.


Here are two features of iDigic you should know about:

1. Real followers

The followers are 100 percent real. Don’t worry about bots. The delivery starts in just 30 seconds after making the purchase.

2. 24/7 technical support

If you start having troubles or want to know more about iDigic, call or email their customer care at any time for a quick response.

Final Verdict

We won’t say we like both websites equally because iDigic clearly lacks in the comments and affordability section. On the other hand, InstaNobel offers an all-round service including like photos, commenting on time, and sending automated DMs, which improve your account’s integrity and credibility. Visit today to grow your Instagram account.