If you are a virtual reality enthusiast and plan to go shopping soon chances are you are trying to decide between Oculus Rift Vs HTC Vive. And you would be right, both are great choices when it comes to PC-powered VR headsets. However, deciding which one you prefer may not be so easy.

While they both promise about the same VR experience, there are some differences that you need to examine. Depending on what your priorities are, these details will make you decide which one will go into your shopping cart. So here it is, the Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive battle.

The Design

This may not be your top priority but is still worth considering. It’s less about aspect and more about comfort, actually. They both have adjustable Velcro straps and padding on the interior side. But the Vive is heavier because of the many sensors it has on the front. The Rift is easier to put on and if you use it for longer periods it turns out to be more comfortable than its opponent. And if appearance does matter to you, The Rift definitely looks cooler while the Vive still needs some improvement in this sector.

The Hardware

From this point of view, they are very similar. They both have two screens with 1,080 x 1,200 resolution, PenTile OLED display and a total resolution of 2,160 x 1,200. HTC Vive has a better field of view, 100 degrees horizontal as opposed to the 80 degrees of Oculus Rift. The difference in audio is that the Rift has integrated headphones.

PC Requirements

This is where you need to take a very close look since you are probably buying it for gaming. Theoretically, you can use VR on many systems, but if you are looking for an awesome gaming experience there are certain requirements your PC needs to meet. If you check the RAM, the Vive needs 4GB or more while the Rift requires at least 8GB. Actually, the Vive too will run better with 8GB and it shouldn’t be a problem for a gaming computer. The Vive needs Bluetooth to communicate with the PC, but that isn’t unusual.

The Controllers

This is an important aspect for a gamer. And while their functions are the same, there is a difference in aspect. HTC Vive has controllers that look more like a wand and are quite comfortable despite their strange look. But Oculus has a better design and fit your grip perfectly. On the other hand, while they may not look that natural, the Vive’s wands give you a better motion-tracking performance.

The Play Area

When you are using the VR headset you are basically blind to your surroundings so you need a system that prevents you from getting hurt or destroying your belongings. Don’t worry, they both have such a system. Oculus Rift has the Guardian and HTC Vive has Chaperone. You must go through the same setup process with both, but you will have a larger play area with Chaperone. Of course, that only matters if your room is big enough to have that concern.

So Which One Would You Choose?

This is definitely a difficult decision and it depends on your personal preferences and expectations. The two head sets are very similar in many ways and there are strengths and weaknesses on both parts. So, the best way to decide is to look at the price, both the initial one and the expenses that will appear over time.