Spam, Fake Fraud, don’t all of these words sound dreadful?

It does!

Having mentioned that- Social networks take your privacy and security seriously.

The advent of social media networks has changed the way people interact, connect, with each other, and follow their favorite brands.

Huge ads in magazines or on buildings, TV commercials are losing track of their authority and power.

Nowadays, people tend to look up to their favorite social media influencers before making a purchase, rather than watching their favorite celebrity promote the brand in a TV commercial.

Well, that brings us to the definition of, who exactly is an influencer?

“An influencer is a character who has the supremacy to influence the purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, or relationship with his/her audience.”

And the algorithms not being smart enough- the surprising fact here is that some fake social media accounts remain hard to spot. Like, the personal profiles created by businesses.

Look at the stats mentioned below;

  • In the first quarter of 2019 only, Facebook deleted an astonishing 2.2 billion accounts that it deemed to be fake-Which included misclassified, duplicate, and undesirable accounts.
  • Alike, Twitter has removed as many as 7.5 million fake accounts on the ratio of per week as of April 2019.

As a result, it’s quite a lucid scenario in front – As these fake accounts mean a higher operational cost and a lesser growth for social networks.

But you need not fret over, as our professional gurus have mentioned the four essential steps through which you can prevent your business from attracting fake social profiles.

1. Incomplete or an Unclear profile

A fake influencer is assuredly to have a vague bio and profile.

For instance, their profile section could be empty except for a few Emojis, or there are chances they would have a fake-sounding email.

Mostly, fake influencers do not have a first name linked with their accounts.

Another vital sign of a fake influencer is that their presence is restricted to a solo social network.

Unlike real influencers who operate across different platforms, fake influencers have their following very limited to the platform they are operating on.

The simplest way to avoid Fake influencers is they usually acquire their followers from various sources on the internet.

Such sources fill their accounts with spam profiles and bots, intending to escalate their follower count.

2. Uneven Engagement Ratio

Engagement rate refers to the proportion of comments, likes, and shares on an influencer’s posts, compared to their follower count.

Formulating a large fan base or following to increase engagement requires rigorous time and hard work – something that fake influencers are unwilling to work towards.

In general, fake influencers do not make an effort to form a faithful follower base – but, they look for short cuts to enhance so that they can sign deals with big brands.

One best way for this is to check the accounts that show urgency to comment and like as the post goes live.

The simple thing you need to ensure is to observe if they are following the influencer you are inspecting or not.

In any case, if they are not, then it’s almost sure that there is fake engagement involved. Because there is no chance that fifty percent of likes and comments in the first ten-minutes are bound to come from people that are not even following the influencer.

3. Generic Comments on Most of Their Posts

Another impactful way to spot a fake influencer is by scrolling through the comment section under different posts.

Real profiles are mostly to have specific comments from followers. Whereas, real influencers will hardly ever miss the opportunity to network with their fans in the comment section.

4. A Sudden Growth In Followers or Engagement

Achieving organic growth demands full dedication and time. Beware of influencers seeking overnight fame.

A steep fall in their followers or a blaze in a pan growth could be an indicator that the influencer is not authentic.

To your knowledge, this might be the output of a post or a video going viral, well, this is an exception and not a statute/law.

Pointers to be remembered- As tools like Social Blade perform an outstanding job of showing you an influencer’s historical data, such as their follower’s growth in a very less amount of time.

  • Ask for as many as Examples of Past Campaigns
  • Don’t miss on the minute of content and Corners during the Review Process.


Everyone wants their hard-earned dollars to be utilized at a proper place and in an effective manner. It’s quite apparent consumers strive for authenticity. However, spam undermines efforts, and fake social proof gives a good first impression but negatively affects years of hard work in engagement, marketing, and branding.

In many scenarios, it can lead to a penalty by the social media platform.

But don’t be anxious yet! The four points mentioned is the key to find that fake influencer.

Act now and see how effectively it enables you to stay away from such unwanted accounts and people.

Let’s hear from you this time. Did you review your social media profiles and notice a significant fake follower count? How did it affect your engagement?

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