Does it sound fascinating to be a part of the future of the upcoming digital landscape at the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site? Well, that is Prague for you. Situated in the heart of Europe and oozing with history and culture. Prague is so much beyond than just a tourist attraction for all the architecture lovers.

It’s also a pillar for Avast, and colossal digital security which comprises of the international community, hackathons, experts- witnessing the world impacted by anti-spyware encryption tools and decentralized currencies.

It’s no surprise, with such thriving ecosystem and potential, Prague is hosting CyberSec & AI Prague — a quintessential international forum on cybersecurity and AI, where academics and professionals at the forefront of AI, cybersecurity and machine learning are sharing their insights and predictions.

CyberSec & AI Prague announced an open call to researchers and students that will permit them to present their achievements and research topics during a poster session at the convention.

Students can also apply for funding to envelop their accommodation and travel costs.

The poster session usually consists of numerous poster presentations for the conference participants to outlook.

The list of topics picked for the poster session at CyberSec & AI Prague ranges from new developments in adversarial AI within security realm, to model training and assessment techniques for utmost protection, and utilization of AI in consumer security, mobile devices, PCs and IoT.

Imagine exchanging ideas with some of the world’s top minds in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Students can also apply for funding to cover their travel and accommodation costs.
Reasons to Attend.

For Academics:

• Learn about the newest advancements in AI for cybersecurity
• Discover the critical research topics the top minds in academia are working on
• Obtain insight into real-world cybersecurity challenges that require attention from the research community

For Professionals:

• Gain knowledge about the latest advancements in AI and their potential application in cybersecurity

• Get an early peek of the techniques being developed in research today that will form the strong grounds of tomorrow’s cyberattacks For Instance – Adversarial AI)

• Understand significant defensive techniques being developed in academia that should be implemented by the cybersecurity industry

The conference will showcase the work and ideas of researchers from Czech Technical University, New York University,-NYU Stanford University, the University of Toronto, and other top universities around the world.

Avast’s new Chief Technology Officer Michal Pechoucek, as well the company’s head of AI, Rajarshi Gupta will deliver talks on the planned topics of AI and Cybersecurity.

Topics for submissions consist of:

• Use of AI in consumer security (PCs, Mobiles, IoT)
• New advancements in Adversarial AI in the domain of security
• Security as a unique challenge for AI
• Security of AI: Model training and evaluation techniques for maximum protection. Anyone who wants to stay at the forefront in our ever-changing world is welcomed to attend the conference on the 25th of October, and even get a summer price on their tickets if they act fast.

So Act now and be a part of the most spectacular International conference and surely it will be a source of benefit for enhancing your business at a technological level and stay distinct and elevated in the digital arena.