It is the most significant fact that content is the king when we are looking for SEO boost and link building techniques.

It is absurd to say that we can build links or gain coverage without having anything to say. It is a proven fact over the past years many conferences and articles have given us valuable content. We have discussed how we can use content for SEO optimization and promotion.

Let us discuss a new venture of content strategies that will boost your digital PR and link building.

1. Know what you got

Whether working in an agency or in-house knowing the assets you have at your disposal can give you a gold-mine of digital PR and link building opportunities. It is always worth your time to dig into past figures and to comment on issues or topics that will gain you top features.

Use Hobbies

Use hobbies and interests to attract an audience on a large scale. Suppose scuba diving is your hobby for the weekend. Being a marketing manager showing your fun side can lead to attractive comments and opportunities without a lot of efforts.

Be the expert

If you or your client want to be known as the expert in public on a particular subject, then create a profile of your own on the particular subject and wait for the journalists to contact you. As soon as you get the opportunity, grab it and show your experts in public.

Dig your data

Data is an authoritative source of new content in the PR hooks. You or your client may have more data than you realize. You may have some internal data or numbers that can be used to craft a good story. This story can be newsworthy for holding an effective content marketing campaign.

2. Borrow Content From Others

As creative marketers, we should be able to create engaging content. Creativity comes naturally at its own pace in bits and pieces. Sometimes it may be difficult to create engaging and fully optimized content. During such rainy days, it is a good idea to borrow content from others.

This is not like using duplicate content. It is more like using data available and giving it a spin to use it as market collateral. You can borrow data from the following.-

National statistics

For the UK you can check out Office for National Statistics. You will get freely available data accessible to anyone. Most of this data is untapped making it freely available for your content marketing plans.

A small business website can backlink any relevant information for the readers to read and create interest among the audience.


Wikipedia is a goldmine of information available freely for the public. It is also a goldmine for PR Hooks and new content.

Offline marketing

Offline marketing maybe an old style marketing technique but it may connect all realms of marketing. Offline marketing can be inspiring and gain more links and coverage in the overall campaign.

3. Press Hacks

This hack is about understanding what the press is looking for and giving them that.

The crux of PR hacking understands what content travels well and what journalists are looking for. There are some content formats that are full proofs and can be used in our strategies for coverage.

Get ready to comment

Journalists prefer to give that human touch on any news. Comments are the preferable way to do so.

You can be prepared in advance for the future. Think of any topic that might be trending or may come up in future times. Record the comment you would like to give on any such upcoming topic.

You can prepare a PR calendar and note down anything that could be a hook.

Use Tools like BuzzSumo to show the journalists how well traveled was your current content. Journalists love data, but apart from data for better PR coverage, you can use better strategies. Show a visually appealing news story; it will surely reap the rewards.

4. Make news

Taping new forums and ideas into the news. The idea is to “make news from nothing.” Have an eye for topics that have the potential to be shareable, hooking and new creative content.

Tap the new existing stories as they can turn out to be excellent PR coverage links. Conduct surveys while attempting a piece of news from nothing. Every question answered will be a PR story. Recommended tools to conduct surveys are YouGov, Google Surveys and forums like Reddit.

5. Multiply your content

The final strategy will be, the way you look at your content. We invest in content so that we get interaction and engagement. One way to create a highly shareable piece is by gaining an outreach strategy.

With the help of surveys conducted, there will be the multiplication of content on a particular topic. Therefore conduct surveys on your niche to outreach new angles of a particular story.

There no secret to great content. Great content is in the hands of your audience. Therefore, a strong understanding of the target audience is the key to making your content outreach wider. Audiences and publications who consume your content make your content look like a well-crafted piece.