Trade show marketing is becoming more and more essential as part of your marketing strategy, it is a great platform for businesses to congregate and network and customers to see everything under one roof. Having a physical presence where your clients can direct talk and see your products is very powerful to gain their trust and see what you have on offer in person. Is it important to understand that there are different trade shows that have different difference entrance criteria, B2B (Business to Business) will allow entrance to trade-only customers, and B2C (Business to Consumer) allows entrance to everyone. Below are our top five reasons why you should invest in trade show marketing.

1. Promote your Brand

Exhibiting at trade shows is a great way to promote brand awareness, this can be done effectively by integrating your brandinginto your booth design. It is important to keep your brand image consistent (you’d want your customers to think of your company whenever they see your brand colours or brand imagery etc). The more you participate in trade shows the more visual presence you will receive, and your brand will start to become more and more recognisable as you create your foundation in your niche industry.

2. Create a Buzz

Exhibitions can help generate a lot of hype which gives people motivation to attend the event, you could do this by integrating a gaming activity in your booth and prizes for winners – give a reason for why people must attend your booth. This also gives you a great opportunity to interact with your customers and have some fun. Share the event on all our social media and boost your following as more and more people will notice your presence in the industry.

3. Build Relationships

Trade shows are where like-minded people in the same industry meet and network, you will be on the same floor as all your competitors so you can take this opportunity to introduce yourselves and your business with them. Since there will be business owners like yourself at the event, it makes it convenient to simply walk over to their stand and introduce yourselves and potentially start forming relationship to help each other grow.

4. Present your Products

If your company is product-based, it is anessential to bring your physical products to display at your trade show event. Nothing is better than your interested clients getting to see your products upfront and in person because once they can directly see and feel the product, they can instantly understand what your products are all about. They won’t need to second guess anything and can directly address any of their concerns on the spot. Trade shows are also great for getting feedback, you can straight away get their initial reactions and see whether you are heading in the right direction or further developments are required.

5. Make a Statement

Skies the limit when it comes to a custom exhibition booth, you can spend as much as you want to create an iconic stand and rise above the others to make yourselves known and stamp your position in the industry. You could book a large booth space and include large hanging banners and large LED walls to really capture the attention of your visitors. Bigger is better when it comes to exhibitions as people will naturally be drawn to custom exhibition stands that simply look cool.


Trade shows are a no brainer, and it should be a marketing strategy for all business who are looking to grow and become recognised as leaders in their niche industry. All the big brands do it and there is a reason why, it’s about being getting your customers involved and engaged with your brand and the new products and services you have on offer.