Running a business without knowing the customer feedback is moving forward blindly. Customer feedback plays a vital role in enhancing your business from quality to product changes all depends on what your customer demands. Customer feedback will tell you the exact things you need to grow a business.

It is not easy to know if your customer is happy. One unhappy customer will tell 26 customers about their issue with your company or product. This hurts your goodwill immensely. This will be a huge downfall for your business.

One effective way to solve this issue is getting feedback from your customers. Their opinion will help you make positive changes for the betterment of your organizations. Take each negative comment as a referral for positive change.

In the following guide, we shall tell you 9 best ways to gather customer feedback.

1. Email marketing-

The simplest form of collecting customer feedback is through email marketing campaigns. There are many tools available to send automatic email after the client has received a product or service.

In the email, you can include reviewing links or an online survey. Enrich Salons by Loreal sends a customer review mail after providing services to their customers. Customer reviews help them in inculcate best practices expected by their client.

2. Social media-

Social media is a great platform to gather customer feedback, as most of the people are constantly scrolling on media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Take the input from Instagram Questions tool or Twitter polls.

Big brands have social media managers that monitor, track and respond to customer feedback via social channels. Track analytics of the feedback to determine themes and sentiments.

3. Popup Customer Survey-

Display a survey on your site, as it is the easiest way to get feedback. Embed your inquiry in a pop-up to grab the attention of your website visitors. Pop-ups can be helpful in knowing your customer’s review.

4. Feedback Button-

Use a feedback button on your site. Another easy way to induce customers to give feedback about your organization and product.

The two-step clicking process has a psychological effect. It applies the psychological principle known as Zeigarnik Effect, which says that those who initiate are more likely to finish the process.

You can create a button on WordPress, using “Feedback,” “Talk to Us” or something similar for your button text.

5. Offer an incentive –

People will surely help you in return of some incentive. The simplest way to encourage customer feedback is giving some incentive like a discount coupon or a gift card on next purchase.

Offer incentive and gift cards to customers for their true opinion. Do not use the gift cards to lure them into writing a positive review. Customer feedbacks through surveys are the best options to offer incentives or gift cards. Use sites like Google, Yelp or Facebook.

Incentives are the leading magnets to persuade your customer. Your incentives can be a coupon, a free e-book, a checklist or template, and a free guide.

6. Live Chat-

Use live chat to communicate with your customers when they are on your site. Live chat is a pacing tool gaining importance as a customer service tool. Reasons why live chat is fast pacing tool-

  • It is convenient and affordable for customers.
  • It will help make a sale in one survey. Numbers say 38% of customers make purchases because they can chat with someone.
  • It will help you know which figures are essential for customers before making a sale. You can address these features before starting a marketing campaign.

Places you can include live chat on your site are pricing page, checkout page so that any questions are answered reducing cart abandonment.

7. Ask customers to self -select their interests-

One of the best and effective ways of getting feedback is by creating a campaign, where you ask people to choose their interest. This survey is a unique way of finding out what is valuable to your customers.

What companies can find out with this information?

  • Figure out what most customers like and target promotion activities accordingly.
  • Create a strong buyer persona based on real data.
  • Send various emails according to customer preferences, giving them all the relevant information required.

8. Web Analytics-

When you are thinking of collecting analytics, conduct web analytics. It will be easy for you to figure out which web page is driving all the attention of the customers.

For all the WordPress users Google Analytics is the best tool to find all the visitors action.

9. Go the traditional way-

Internet, social media and tools have their ways of finding the customers review digitally. Traditional ways still have their unique personal touch compelling the customer to give a true opinion. Traditional methods like mailing cards and phone calls always work.

You can use the traditional methods for those clients who do not respond digitally.  Randomly select your clients and give them a personal call to ask for feedback.

Customer feedback has always created a better way towards the prosperity of the organization. Positive or negative, gathering reviews will take your business towards more number consumers. Tell us your experience on gathering reviews from your customers.