Social media is highly used in this decade to promote a product, brand or service. Here’s where Social Media Marketing kicks in! With the rise of various social media platforms in the current decade, urgent need of Social Media Marketers has arrived around the globe to cater your business needs.

Social media marketers are continuously innovating to promote products and services across various platforms. In this ‘fancy-looking’ world of Social media, such creative apps & tools are needed to fulfill their innovative ideas and thereby to increase business. Here is a list of such simple, yet beneficial applications to ease your needs:

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is a camera capturing application for creating image text to PDFs. It uses your phone’s camera to scan images and converts into editable PDFs. With the use of Optical Scan Resolution (OCR), Adobe has developed this powerful application to copy and paste the text you scanned. It is beneficial for people who need to scan and upload contents on social media.

You can open the scanned PDF in Adobe’s Acrobat Reader make notes, add comments and even signatures. Other editing perks like add, edit, crop, rotate and re-scan come handy with Adobe Scan.

adobe scan

Adobe uses advanced tech to capture best quality images even in low light. Scanned PDFs are stored on Adobe Document Cloud and are easily accessible to access, share, or attach with email. Adobe Scan App is available for Android and iOS. It is entirely free to use!

Sticky AI

Sticky AI is another excellent application that allows you to convert your image to stickers and GIFs. It is incredibly fast as it uses a neural network to create stickers that store on your device and easily shareable to make your conversations fun-filled.

sticky ai

You need to capture an image, remove the background and add text if needed. That’s it! Stickers are easily shareable to with any social media app like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and many more. It is available for free on Google Play and Apple Store.

What The Font

What if you like a font you saw recently in a magazine or Instagram story? Loved the font but don’t know which one it is? What The Font is made to help you out here. This cool app lets you identify any font quickly.

What the Font

Just open the application on your Android or Apple phone and click the picture of the font. It immediately shows the font with other sample fonts if you don’t think it’s the same. You can also try typing in the same font on the app. The desktop version of What The Font also has some latest fonts and much more to do. It is freely available for use.

Hemmingway Editor

Hemmingway Editor is an online editor to help you improve your writing. Unlike Microsoft Word, Hemmingway uses interactive way of color-coding to identify issues with your writings. It can prove essential when you have to write posts and blogs for your products on social media. You can quickly check for grammar, spelling mistakes, sentence framing issues and much more.


The initial application is available online via a browser which is free. The downloadable Desktop App for Mac and Windows at $19.99. The desktop app has one-click integrations to post your content on WordPress and Medium directly. Text can get exported to Microsoft Word and other text editors.

Anchor Video

Anchor video is the best app you can use if you’re into podcasting and like to promote your services through the audio channel. Anchor Video records and uploads high-quality audios and distribute it everywhere.


You can record your audio from phone, iPad or web with any microphone. Record the audio alone or with a group of people from anywhere around the world. It also enables you to add music transitions in the background, and you receive voice messages from your listeners. Once you’ve recorded your podcast, publish it, and Anchor will distribute it to all the major podcast platforms.

It also gives you an analysis of how users are interacting with your podcasts on every single platform. All of these comes for free with Anchor Video.


Fontjoy is a fantastic website to get help from if you are confused about which font suits your blog posts or sites, Fontjoy is a large pool of fonts which lets you compare and analyze different combinations of style, sizes and inclination.


It is essential to follow designing principles which include contrast, hue, and symmetry. Fontjoy is your one-stop solution for all your font variation needs. Services of Fontjoy are free.

Display Purposes

Instagram users are always in the dilemma of which hashtags to use for a particular post. Display purposes is an excellent tool that shows the most popular hashtags according to your needs. Many Instagram users don’t know how to add carriage returns to create blank spaces above the hashtags used in image descriptions of comments.

display purposes

It also shows an interactive map view of the world and zooming in to identify local tags of a location on the map. Dailypurposes can prove an immensely helpful tool for people who work for Instagram marketing. It is freely available for use.

Landscape by Sprout Social

Landscape by Sprout Social is a simple, yet immensely helpful image resizing application for social media marketers, content creators, and digital marketers. The tool offers an efficient way to resize images in multiple sizes which get optimized for profiles on social media platforms, campaigns, and messages.


Image sizes on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are different, and it is vital in maintaining the content of the image in a particular format. Landscape eases this process. Just upload the photo, crop according to your requirement and download. That’s it! The Landscape tool is accessible from a browser and free to use.