If you thought that having a garden office doesn’t sound very practical, then maybe it’s time to get a different perspective on things. Here is a look at some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy once you make the switch.

Skip That Stressful Trip To Work

What type of thoughts jump to mind when you hear the words “commute to work”? Chances are you’ll manifest feelings of stress as you think about the time and costs. Apart from spending a lot just to get to work and back, just think about the time you waste sitting in that traffic, building up stress you definitely don’t need.

However, if you have a garden office at home, you don’t need to face these challenges that go hand in hand with commuting to work. Instead, getting to work becomes a 1-minute walk into the backyard.

A Better Working Environment

Do you find it easier to concentrate when everything is quiet and peaceful around you? Or do you like the busy sound of the city where everything has to happen in a New York minute? For most people, more productivity and focus are achieved through quiet and peaceful surroundings, like what you get with a garden office.

In the city, there is noise everywhere. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a space where phones aren’t ringing and people aren’t talking. Unless you have a skyscraper office that makes it even more difficult to get to work, you are not going to get the same quiet space as with a garden office.

Mix Up Your Routine

Even though it is good to work according to a schedule, it doesn’t mean you need to stick with the conventional 9-5 stigma. Given that your garden office allows for quick access, you don’t need to wear a suit to work, you can more flexible in terms of the breaks you take, and you can choose hours that are more convenient for you. But don’t let all the flexibility prevent you from getting anything done.

Your Office – Your Taste

If you plan on working in garden office pods from Urban Pods, why shouldn’t you get to choose everything about the design and style? Seeing as you are the one who will be spending all that time in there, it should only represent everything that helps you maintain motivation and inspiration. From furniture to paint color, you are only limited by your imagination. But it is recommended to research decor within your style that helps to create a productive mental environment.

In other words, keep everything organized and in such a state that you can function like a professional, but also bask in the fact that you work in an office you can decorate any way you like.

Recharge With Nature

Keep in mind that a garden office is surrounded by nature. And studies show a short walk in the garden can reduce stress and help to recharge your brain. There’s nothing like sunshine, fresh air and plants/flowers to help you get some perspective. Alternatively, you can put your desk near the window for a personalized “nature” outlook.

Get More Balance

For individuals with families, a garden office could be the perfect answer to gaining more balance in your life. Without the hassle of driving to work or having to follow strict hours, you are at liberty to spend more time with family. Everything won’t have to be a rush all the time, because you can be at the office in 60 seconds or less. You just need to set your goals and maintain discipline.

A Higher Degree Of Privacy

While a designated room in the house could be a great idea for a home office, a garden office actually offers a higher degree of privacy. In fact, just the five steps you take to your office can help your mind switch from “relaxed” to “focused”. Because you are stepping out of your home (relaxed zone), and into your office (productive zone). Believe it or not, your brain picks up on small details like this.

Temporary Changes

A garden office can come in very handy when you require an extra room. For example, maybe you have people coming over for the holidays and you don’t have enough space. Why not turn the garden office into a temporary bedroom for your guests?

Increased Property Value

Lastly, you can actually increase the value of your property by investing in something like a garden shed or office. How much you can increase it with depends on several variables, of course, but it is something to keep in mind.