Looking for trending keywords every time can be a task for you. Getting a trending keyword is vital for content marketing, PPC and SEO. Data says that from January to April 2018 there are around 80 million blogs posted on Word press every month.

Hence, it is not enough just to create engaging content for your website or blog. Using trending keywords is important to get the desired ranking.

If you want to convert your potential customers into clients and retain them, creating an engaging content is the way to go. Before they become your client they need to find your company in the vast web world. The only way to find a new user either by organic or paid search is by writing about trending and interesting topics.

The key to your content marketing is to find out what your customers are searching the most. Google and SEO help you connect with your audiences.  Take a look at how to find trending keywords to promote your product or service.

Brainstorming to find trending keywords-

Start with a keyword research on social media platforms as that is what we use the most on daily basis. This is effective if you are in target demographic selling.

We all have experienced that we see the same news popping on social media. Look for other trends popping out on social media. Your target customers may reside in a different target area, hence social media plays a vital role in finding trending keywords. Twitter shows you all the trending hashtags listed on the homepage. You can search for hashtags relevant to your industry and even see their performance.

Another website that will help you search for trending keywords would be Buzzfeed. Whether you like it or not Buzzfeed is a pro at content publishing. This site has written a book on content publishing. When you visit the page just click on the red circle with an upward arrow to check what is trending.

Reddit is the most useful for finding trending topics on international and local levels. The posts are in an order based on its extensive user base. The subreddits as well pages are based on various hobbies and more.

Tools to find more trending keywords-

Once you have done scanning all the social media channels for the trending content, it’s time to shift to the next step. Do your keyword search on the dedicated keyword tools.

These tools are different in complexity when compared to the free tools that list keywords as per the search volume. The in-depth tools will allow you to search trending topics as per the date and place.

A successful trending keyword is a difference between how many people visit your site for your marketing campaigns and content strategy. Your ultimate goal is that those who visit your site become your clients.

Types of keywords-

There are mainly three types of keywords and there is a fourth category that is not a very popular category. The three main categories are brand terms, generic terms and related terms. The final category is competitor terms.

Marketers use brand terms to target customers who are aware of their company and who can find out more products and services offered by the company.   The generic term includes the product name instead of the brand name. Related terms are keyword phrases that will target customers who are early in their buyer’s journey and far from the purchasing stage.

For example, if we are researching keyword trends for “White Petals” interior store:

  • Brand terms- White Petals tealight, White Petals designer cushions, White Petals Hand Paintings, White Petals Hand Block Print Table Cloth.
  • Generic terms- Interior stores in Dubai, where to buy hand paintings in Dubai, Where to buy handmade tablecloth in Dubai.
  • Related terms- Pick up paintings in Dubai, Interior design fair in Dubai, Interior design classes in Dubai.

The fourth category marketers encounter trend analysis for keyword search in the competitor’s term. This includes targeting search terms that involve competitors name. This is a more aggressive approach than the previous three categories.

Expanding Your List Keywords

The final step of your research is expanding your list of keywords with a series of tools. This will help you fill in the blanks. Using a series of tools will create a chain of keywords based on your inputs.

If you check your excel there is concatenation tool built into Excel. In case you are not an excel user you can use different tools available online that will simplify the keyword search process. Take our earlier example of The White Petals we might have a category with our customer types handmade vintage and handmade modern. The second type would be categorized on the product based items like wall arts, carpets, show pieces and cushions and Dubai in the third category.

Take a look at the five best keyword search tool –

1. Google Keyword Planner-

The Google keyword planner is the best to start with your keyword research. It is designed for advertising but can also be used for keyword research. You can use organic keywords by customizing the results for one of your competitors.

With the new keyword planner, you can search for

  • New keyword or ad group ideas
  • Get search volumes for a list of keywords and group them into ad groups
  • Traffic forecasts for the list of keywords
  • Get new keyword ideas

Pay more attention to keyword ideas and ad group ideas as both are of great help for SEO purposes.

2. KW Finder

KWFinder is mainly used as a long tail keyword research tool with a great interface. This tool will show you the trend search volume and level of difficulty.

The special feature of this keyword search tool is, when you click on the keyword you will find the difficulty level on the scale of one to hundred of that particular keyword.

3. Moz’s Keyword Explorer-

Moz has introduced a new keyword search tool named the Keyword Explorer that adds an extra edge to the keyword search world. Other than volume and difficulty keyword explorer has following additional features-

  • A relative CTR of the organic results in SERP.
  • Importance of the keyword in your campaign
  • Combination of keyword metrics to help you prioritize

4. Keyword Tool-

Keyword tool is a great start for data mining. The tool uses Google Autocomplete data for creation of a database for longtail keyword suggestions. You can use this with a combination of Google’s Keyword Planner for keyword research also use Keyword Tool. This tool is also free for first 750 plus keyword suggestions.

5. SEMrush-

When it is about keyword research, SEMrush is a one-stop shop with an amazing list of features.

SEO and PPC research

This tool will search for keywords that will perform well on both Google and Bing. Gather a in-depth information about CPC, volume, trend, number of results and ad copies.

With SEMrush Find related keywords and phrase matches, research long tail keywords and use the regional database for international SEO. SEMrush is also capable of providing competitive analysis.  With SEMrush you can dig into your competitors landing pages and brainstorm your own content. Use their Competitive Research Toolkit and Organic Competitors Report to know the strengths and weaknesses of your direct competitor.

Conclusion- With some of these optimized tools you can get the most trending keywords and use them for creating trending content.