Have a business? Also, a Brand Strategy? Good. However, what you’re missing are media platforms to publicize and promote your brands. Doing business is one thing but promoting and selling that is something entirely different. In the era of Digital World, it’s essential to help your product on the internet.

Various platforms are available that can boost your business, improve your brand value and make you a step ahead of your competitors. Here are some social media platforms which will help you sky-rocket your business.


Thronged with over 540 million active users, Google+ is one of the most popular business promotion platforms. Google+ allows to join circles and share your posts on the to the circle members. It creates a unique environment for bringing product brands together and promoting their brands.

Google+ is one of the most underestimated platforms, but user-base and activities show that it’s worth trying and considered. Google+ has the potential to grow vastly even at a slow pace soon. The live chat feature of this platform automatically connects you to the audience and provides you the advantage to promote your brand extensively.


This photo and video sharing service are widely used among the youth and business class people worldwide. Other than 500 million-plus active users daily, Instagram gives you the best promotion techniques.

The 15-second video stories are available for businesses to advertise and engage a large number of its users. The 59-second posts allow quite better elaboration of your products in a short time. With continuously added features & interactive user interface, Instagram is growing popularly as a brand awareness platform.


World’s largest professional networking service has more than 500 million registered users and 200 million active users. It also constitutes 20 million company pages that make it one of the widely used networks for promoting and publicizing of brands and products.

Not just Jobs, but LinkedIn groups are available for promoting services through posts and discussions. LinkedIn maintains the professional look of a company. Therefore, it needs quality content for broad branding. Hashtags are also accessible on LinkedIn and used by companies for custom hashtags.


This micro-blogging and social networking site have a broad base of users below the age of 35. On an average, 1.1 billion posts get published monthly on Tumblr. Tumblr has gone through many changes, acquisitions and revamps but also developed a unique set of users over the time.

If you have a brand that needs to get popular among the youth, you can consider Tumblr as a good option.


With more than 1.1 billion users visiting YouTube every month, it is ranked #2 in top social networking platforms. Over 5 billion video views every day which entirely explains why YouTube is so popular not just for funny or informative videos but business promotions too.

Creating a channel helps you get a broad base of audience worldwide with the right SEO for the videos. YouTube offers its advertisement services on videos and is widely known for business. Using technologies to elevate business is the primary goal of brand awareness.