Correlation: Customer-satisfaction and CRM-systems

People who are running companies know, that stagnation usually means, that you are about to be left behind by your competitors. In order to maintain your success your company needs to be constantly evolving and improving its procedures. Efficiency not only increases your revenue. It improves your employee’s motivation, who consequently deliver better results. This [...]

Should I Choose MilesWeb WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting?

Are you a newbie in the world of website development? You may have a lot of questions in your mind about which web hosting type to select and which plan to buy. The most common type of web hosting you have heard must be shared hosting and WordPress hosting. Deciding on which type of web [...]

7 Likely Reasons That Your Website Might Not Be Ranking

1. Sketchy links Links are important. That statement is accepted universally in SEO, however, therein lies the issue - people are too keen to build links. Not every link is equal. Some links will give all the link juice that you want and provide no downside, and others will provide nothing but trouble. Troublesome links [...]

Does a Small Business Need Marketing?

The short answer? Yes, small businesses absolutely need marketing. Look at it this way, you can have the best product at the most competitive price, but people must know about it before they can buy it. An organized, effective marketing plan can significantly increase your clientele and bring awareness to your brand.   On and [...]

Secure Funding For A New Business

Securing financing for a small business in today's economic landscape often requires thinking outside of the box. Small businesses have had a long tradition of playing a big role in economic recovery as they provide jobs for local people. However, the hiring process needs capital, which can be hard to find. When I started my [...]

What is the purpose of Instagram hashtags?

The purpose of the use of hashtags will depend on your strategy and what you intend Instagram. Promote your products, services or events. Encourage the participation of users. Disseminate information (when this is what the user wants to consume).   The relevance of hashtags In social media marketing, we consider a relevant hashtag when it [...]

Are Internet Companies Too Big?

When we look around the world today, we see big brands that have been around forever. In the world of entertainment, it’s the likes of Sony, HBO, and FOX. In the world of fashion, it’s big brand names like Adidas, Nike, and Puma. The world is loaded with big-name companies who help us know what [...]

Questions To Ask An SEO Company

Are you looking to hire an SEO business but aren’t sure what to ask them beforehand? Here are some tips from North London SEO - My Online Marketer on the matter. What is your opinion about by content, site's technical structure, and link profile? Ask the SEO company to analyze those three SEO factors and [...]

A Guide to Guest Posting

If you want to grow your platform and your blog readership, then it is my firm belief that guest posting is the one thing more essential than any other strategy. Let me explain why this is the case...   What Is Guest Posting? First of all, we should define what guest posting even is. It [...]

Choosing The Right Translation Agency: 5 Key Tips

Your business deserves impeccable representation when you cross language barriers. What are the most important points to look out for when you pick a translation service? The International Language Services team is fully dedicated to giving your business the best possible translation services. We handle legal, technical, and medical documents with equal - and equally [...]

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