Apple users it is time to update to the latest iOS version. iOS 12 brings a significant performance boost both the previous and most recent iterations of Apple mobile devices. Apple updates are not just a simple software update; they give you a more secure version of privacy and security features. With every iOS update, you protect your iPhone or iPads and the data it contains. Let’s find out more about the latest iOS update.

Have A Stronger Passcode-

iOS 12 now requires you to set a six-digit passcode, giving the hackers a hard time cracking your passcode. The best part is that six-digit passcode is the minimum and maximum you can go 8, 12 or more combination of numbers and letters. You can do this by following steps.

  • Step 1: Settings> Touch ID & Passcode on iPhones and iPads with Face ID and now enter your current passcode.
  • Step 2: Tap on change passcode. Now from passcode options, you can choose between Custom Numeric Code and Custom Alphanumeric Code.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication-

With 2FA you are required to input both password and unique code identification. A unique code will be sent to your device for that extra layer of security. The unique system is one of the most annoying things of iOS. But the iOS 12’s built-in 2FA feature eliminates this step. The 2FA of iOS 12 will send an automated refill code to your keypad. You need to tap on a field to auto-fill the system.

Set 2FA on your iPhone or iPad by doing the following.

  • Settings > Password & Security> Two-Factor Authentication.

Keep Track Of And Change Your Reused Passwords-

You cannot be told what a security nightmare using the same password for multiple websites, apps and devices. The iOS 12 has features that warn you about reused passwords. So now you can finally get over this dangerous habit.

Activate this feature by the following steps-

  • Step 1: Settings> Passwords & Accounts> Website & App Passwords . Now enter your passcode or authenticate it with Face ID. You can see a list of passwords that you have used and iOS will also inform if you have used certain passwords before for various sites or apps.
  • Step 2: A warning symbol will appear next to every account with a reused password. You tap on Change Password on Website and change the password. Protect your account with password reuse attacks with credential stuffing.

Turn On The USB Restricted Mode-

Now hacking your iOS device through USB cables is next to impossible. It is also a feature of iOS 11. The USB mode locks down the USB cable to charging mode only, i.e., power mode. This restricts any attempt of breach to your iPhone or iPad. The updated version uses this feature in just one hour of being locked, which is quite a shorter period as compared to the iOS 11 version.

Enjoy this feature by going to Settings> Touch ID (or Face ID) & Passcode and turn off the USB Accessories set.

Enable automatic iOS updates-

You do not prefer to update your device automatically unless there is some major iOS update launched. But not opting to update your iOS you are exposing yourself to a pile of security risk. You may also miss out the cool new features of the updated iOS version, just like iOS 12.

Just go to Settings> General > Software Update and turn on the automatic update patch.

Apple has brought massive improvements with iOS 12. Enjoy these latest updates on your iOS device. Let us know what would you like us to write in our next article.