A lot of you think of Instagram as a social media channel. A channel where you can express yourself through images.

The platform is more than that, it’s lucrative for business. We must have observed people having some creative idea have used Instagram to transform their passion into a  career. These influential people have had a successful transformation of their passion into business on Instagram.


Try the cheat sheet shown in the infographic to get your business famous on Instagram.

Tip 1- Double-click on the photo to like the picture.

Tip 2- Click the LUX button to enhance your photos

Tip 3- Turn borders on and off by clicking the frames.

Tip 4- Click through the filter to give an effect to any photo.

Tip 5-  Click on the raindrop to use tilt, shift and drop feature.

Tip 6- Use your phone’s camera to take all the photos and upload it to Instagram

Tip 7-  Use hashtags to group it with other photos.

Tip 8- Click on three dots to delete, share and copy the URL.

Tip 9- Respond to any comments

Tip 10- Delete any spam

Tip 11- Delete comments on other posts

Tip 12- When to put a filter on your photo

Tip 13- Boost the looks of your photos

Tip 14- Build your followers



If you implement these strategies I am sure your Instagram followers will increase. Hope you had fun reading the above infographic. Another way to increase you Instagram game is to simply buy Instagram services like those sold by Gramlike.com

Try all these possibilities on your Instagram and let us know how it worked for you.