Nowadays, running a business without a web presence is extremely difficult. Regardless of the industry, company size or location – a website is a must. Most of the websites we find online are built using WordPress. WordPress is a free web application that allows you to create blogs as well as websites. It is one of the most frequently used and above all most user-friendly content management systems – and rightly so.

It offers a high flexibility through countless plugins and themes, and the basis of the website can be easily adapted to individual needs. Low usage and license costs clearly speak for the use.


One WordPress page and many web hosting options

The digital industry that is formed around this application is gigantic. That’s why the number of web hosting services is growing – but which one is worth to consider? The hardware support of a website runs via hosting service. Here is some valuable information which will help you to decide on which WordPress hosting you should choose for your page.


The size of your website: how big is it now and how big do you expect it to be in 12 months?

What do we mean by size? The total file size of the WordPress installation, themes that you use, media and so on – all measured in Mb. Why is it useful? Most hosting providers base their prices on one primary factor: available space. Think about it, you shouldn’t pay a high price for space you don’t need. Just calculate how much space you will need. If it is just a blog that will contain some content, you won´t need as much space as you need for an e-commerce shop.


Traffic on your website: how is it now and how big will it be in 12 months?

Of course, this is not an easy thing to estimate, especially when you are just a beginner. If this is the case, try to consider the following factors: is the website meant to be for a global or a local audience? Look at your competition’s statistics, have a look at what traffic their website has.

If you had the webpage for a while, then you most likely already collected some data. Use it! So, for example, if you have 20 unique visitors a day for the last month, but now you are at 50 a day. Then you could estimate that by the end of the year you can reach 400-500 visitors a day.

Try to check how much bandwidth your website´s visitors use on average (Mb). Some websites tend to use more bandwidth, even with relatively low traffic (they upload high-resolution photos and videos).


Go local or global

Another factor worth considering is the location. It is recommended to use a hosting company that is located in your country – or at least has servers in this country. It allows a faster distribution of traffic at the local level. It can also influence the speed of your website. So, if you are based in Germany, it is better if you use a German hosting provider.

A very important aspect regarding the location is also technical and customer support. Let´s say you have a technical problem with your website (highly possible). Then you would like to act fast, call the provider, ask for support and quickly solve the problem. If the company is based in a different country it could get a lot more complicated. Maybe the provider works in a different time zone and it is closed during your average working hours, or there are difficulties in communication because they speak a different language.


Where to look for the hosting provider?

The hardware support of a website is provided by the hosting service. Depending on the scope of services, speed optimization, security precautions, and daily backups are offered. The focus should always be on technical support and customer advice. Look for the WordPress hosting provider that specializes in operating WordPress pages and offer all-around support for your page.


WordPress-Hosting with focus on consulting and performance

Let´s say you´re based in Germany, then focus on finding WordPress hosting provider in Germany. Take into consideration the important factors we mentioned above. The most important, however, is definitely the outstanding support. Problems with websites will occur frequently, so it is highly important that they can be fixed as quickly as possible. Therefore, make sure, the web hosting provider is monitoring servers all the time and responds quickly to all the issues.

One of the most well-known WordPress hosting providers in Germany is HostPress. They focus specifically on managed WordPress hosting and know its customers because they are in constant contact with them. Services include functions such as hosting optimization for WooCommerce, a free performance analysis, managed update services and support for optimization.