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Comparing ItsGuru PPC Lite Plans

Find out which PPC Lite Plan is right for you. Have customers search for you with our Paid Ads (PPC) Services.

PPC [/fusion_text]Konfiguration PPC [/fusion_text]Der Verkehr PPC
PPC Standard PPC
$179 (one time) $259 /Monat $579 /Monat $799 /Monat $1349 /Monat
Agentur Platform Berichterstattung & Customer Dashboard (?) N/A
Keywords/Adgroups (?) 6 Adgroups 300 Schlüsselwörter 600 Schlüsselwörter 1000 Schlüsselwörter 2000 Schlüsselwörter
Search Engine Google Google Google Google, Bing Google, Bing & Facebook Ads
No. of Project Managers (?) N/A 1 1 1 1
Search Network
Remarketing (?)
Advanced Remarketing
Advanced Display Targeting
Banner / Image-Anzeigen 1 Entwurf & 2 Sizes 1 Entwurf & 4 Sizes
Geo Targeting & Bidding
A/B Testing (?)
Keyword Bid Optimization
Ad Scheduling
Search Query Analysis
Analytics Setup
Linking Adwords with Analytics
PPC Broken Link Checker
Call Tracking* (?) $50/Monat $50/Monat $50/Monat $50/Monat $50/Monat
Call Tracking Set up (?)
Ad Extensions N/A
Landing Page Recommendation 1 2 3
Website Funnel-Tracking
Video Ads Campaign
Dynamic Search Ads
Site Speed Report
Weekly Report (?) N/A
Monthly Report (?) N/A
Call Tracking Report (?) N/A
Kundendienst (Email, Unterhaltung & Telefon (?) N/A

Alle Pläne umfassen ein FREI Instrumententafel, Formular auf der Website Lead-Tracking, Bewertung Widget positivere Bewertungen zu erhalten, automatisierte wöchentlich & monatlicher Reporting und Kunden-Support per E-Mail, Unterhaltung & Telefon.

Oben erwähnt zu erbringenden Leistungen über verteilt 6 Monate.

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