In the era of technological advancements, most of products and services generate their revenue through e-commerce platforms, social media platforms and digital content interfaces like blogs, videos, and digital advertisements. However, for a startup, what does it mean Content marketing? Moreover, how to define a successful strategy for content marketing?

Content Marketing is a type of marketing (both online & offline) that involves generating content and publishing it as videos and blogs. Content marketing intends to increase interest in the products and services. It compels user’s involvement in the brand marketing indirectly.

Content marketing strategy is a strategic technique, involving a systematic procedure to develop content from the information and channeling it in an organized way to increase customer involvement in client’s services.

Research the Area of Marketing

In-Depth research is required firstly for both the product and the area it’s going to be put up for marketing. Along with it, research on whether the product fulfills the consumer’s needs or not is essential. Understanding the market at the time of marketing and analyzing competitor’s strategy must be included in research procedures.

Headline – Strong and Inviting

The headline of the article or product that needs advertising must be sturdy and attractive. Headline plays an essential role in SEO analysis and ranking the same on search engines. It should immediately catch the attention of visitors. The headline also plays a significant role in generating user traffic and getting the right audience.

According to research. 8/10 people read the headline and decide whether to read the rest of what is you wrote. The headline must be under 70 characters. Neither too short, nor too long.

Strong Call to Action (CTA)

In marketing area, a piece of content that is subjected to involve a user or viewer to perform a particular action for example ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Click Here’ is called Call to Action (CTA).

The CTA should be appealing to increase the chances of user involvement. For example ‘Try Now for FREE!’ or ‘Download 60-Day trial Now!’

Include Visual and Info-graphic Content

Offering only text to read is sometimes dull and unappealing. Increase the user engagement; it is necessary to add visual content like short videos, slides or images relevant to the text. Including facts or charts plays a role in establishing trust of users.

User Feedback

Including the user feedback acts as a key player in increasing the chances of the user purchasing a product. Always include user feedback with the names (if possible). More the reviews, higher the chances of buying a product.

Involving Social Media Platforms

Social Media plays a vital role in generating the right audience and engaging more traffic. The products and services must get promoted on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. They provide exclusive advertisement services to businesses.

Check Content Performance & Updating Regularly

Various Content Marketing tools are available to measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like traffic, engagements and user insights. It is important to track traffic, using it to increase the set of readers.

Use these footsteps to reach high user engagement & get best results!