Content Marketing is one platform with the help of which you can show your customer what you are, and who you are? A simple broadcasting advertise is not enough to showcase the brand strength of your product or services to your customer.

Now, the techniques that you should use to uplift the product or services can be achieved by applying some really appealing methods like posting advice, engaging stories and detailed procedures of using your product or services. With the beginning of every new year, you will be wanting to implement new strategies to gain more remuneration.

For that, you will be examining the old methods and improvising it for better performance and opportunities. The standard of content marketing is so high that it has become a standard of promotion. A good content marketing technique can help you build customer relationship in a manner that the revenue generation of your organization will be reaching a peak with each passing day.

With the new updates, comes new responsibilities and commitments, to enhance your website’s rankings, its marketing strategies are needed to be improved. This can be achieved only by making changes in the approach of the way you are planning your marketing strategies.

There are a lot of content marketing tools(free and paid) available in the market that will make your marketing efforts much efficient. If you want to boost the performance of your website’s content then you will have to change your perception. When you change old methods and adopt new methods you will be able to change with changing time.

You know all your flaws, what mistakes you have made in posting past contents and how your audiences have approached it and so on. Important thing is that you should learn from all your past experiences and correct it with passing.

You would have encountered many criticisms while posting contents, there may be times when your target audiences might not receive it in a positive manner. Those criticisms would have helped you learn more and implement it more efficiently.

Here is an example of the most famous social media site – Facebook, there was a major change this site underwent in the year 2016. It introduced News Feed feature. This new innovative feature was not well accepted from people.

There was 42 percent decrease in the website’s organic traffic, from this the social site realized that they need to focus on the audiences reach and gain a control over them by the year 2017. Hence they started putting efforts on correcting their mistakes that they made in the previous year.

So, in this article I what I am trying to dictate is that you should focus on the mistake and correct it with passing time. The content that you are posting on regular basis might be enough to drive traffic to your site. So, it is very important that you put efforts on the content you generate.

The tools that you might be using won’t be enough to get perfect keyword for your website, or the website analysis tools that you use might not be give results that are apt, all these methods should be changed so better outcome. Always remember this quote when you are doing a monotonous task and want to begin new, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” – Seneca.

Its the time to adopt new technologies for a new beginning.

Here, are a list of some great tools to turbocharge content marketing

1. Buffer

Buffer | 7 Tools to Turbo Charge Your Content Marketing Today

It is the easiest mode of publishing your content on the social media handles. You will not have to put all your efforts in scheduling process as it is quite difficult to post a single content in many different social networking sites. When it comes to the quality of your content then you won’t have to compromise with it.

Buffer can be categorized into a central hub which connects many social sites. With a mere click, you can handle all the social media sites, you won’t have to waste time scheduling any strategy to post content. The scheduling and analytics feature of this tool is completely amazing as you just need to fan out content to your audience on regular basis and the right time.


2. Almighty.Press

 This content discovery tool is used to measure the count of likes, shares, and comments posted on the content that is posted. The Almighty Force Algorithms used in this platform will help you know the popularity of the contents that are posted and go viral.

The competitors who go ahead of your website’s content can be analyzed using algorithms of Almighty.Press. Using this tool you will be able to identify, track and publish the trending topics. This will lead you to better performance and drive you with a good range of target audiences. This will eventually result in a good range of target audience.    


3. SumoMe (Now Sumo)

SumoMe | 7 Tools to Turbo Charge Your Content Marketing Today

It is an array of solutions to many problems. It is a tool which is used to analyze the rate of audiences that are visiting the website on daily basis. There is a special feature which helps building list of viewers to the site. This feature is used to track the mouse movement of the user, which will indicate whether the user is going to exit from the site.

An alternate action is performed with the tool .i.e., an opt-in form or pop-up message gets displayed, which is needed to be filled for the user to keep visiting the website and stay intact. It provides share button option with the help of which you will be able to build your on-page social engagement.


4. Ninja Outreach

NinjaOutreach | 7 Tools to Turbo Charge Your Content Marketing Today

This tool makes it easy to find influencers who are niche bloggers, social media influencers, and business leads. With this tool, you will be able to generate lead of over 25 million contacts. This technique helps you to build your contents by tracking emails of different visitors opting into your site.

This tool makes it easier means to keep track of clicks, email opens and replies. This is a very basic technique but is very effective in order to increase audience to your website. This will give you a significant amount of time to build connection and increase the reach of your content.


5. SendGrid

SendGrid | 7 Tools to Turbo Charge Your Content Marketing Today

This is also a relationship building site which can be carried out by creating email funnel. Based on real-time behavior of customers who log in on regular basis the list of customer emails and their details is sent through push notifications, series of emails or in-app messages.

As this tool will help you gain a list of emails on real-time basis you can put in all your efforts in building up your business by concentrating on different aspects of your business.


6. Pushwoosh

As a content marketer, I know the pain of efforts that is to be put in to publishing an article and generate some leads. Reaching out to your target audience is some of the worst tasks that you will have to face on daily basis.

Pushwoosh is a tool that will help you send push notification on various devices like desktop, mobile etc. This will help you reach to 100% of your subscribers daily. It is a new and reliable which can be used stay connected to the audiences on regular basis.

The content marketers who used it to date have a better to the best experience as it works so simply like breathing. You can send your sites RSS feeds directly to Pushwoosh and hence you are done with your job. It will find the customer in the right place and right time and deliver notification whenever you publish new content.


7. ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a Content marketing software which brings out branding, content creators and publishers under a single roof. If you don’t have an efficient content creator then you can log in to this site and hire a content creator. If suppose you are a content creator the also you can register to this site to give relevant advice to any company related to content creation and marketing it in regular interval.

You can yourself set your work rate and preferences of work. Whether you are in search of content or content creator, you can build a collaborate yourself here in Clear-Voice and build work relationship and generate revenue.



Content marketing is an effective way to generate some inbound traffic at a very low cost. All you have to do is make a content marketing strategy and stick to your marketing plan.

With the use of such great tools, you are sure able to give your marketing a boost and guide it into the right direction.

What are some of your favorite content marketing tools? Do you use any other tools apart from the ones I mentioned in the post above? Let me know in comments below.