If you’re a type of a person who always looks forward to new trends when it comes to important things in life, you have to see to it that a cutting edge UX design is what your business can have. A UX design refers to the user experience design that should be created for products or services to have meaning, essence, and relevance to the users. When we say meaningful, essential, and relevant, it just means to say that a particular product is going to be patronized by the target market. Crafting a user experience based design is to provide integrating elements that involve the aspects of usability, function, and branding.

UX designers always go beyond the imaginative horizon of UI designers. But the two have to work together in order to have a brilliant master plan of a particular website. Furthermore, a UX designer can’t work on its craft without the UI designer’s interface plan. Before a website is going to be used by the users, the web and mobile apps expert will see to it to execute a well-planned design scheme. That’s why it is significant to know the cutting-edge trends of UX design in Francisco.


Drop shadows should be taken into consideration.

Shadows are always present in every web design, as we all know. But this year has given much more emphasis on it. The continuous advancement in the web design aspects all over the world has paved the way for the availability of many variants in web design shadows and depths.

Having shadows can give more aesthetical value to the website as compared to the monotonous flat designs. For sure, the San Francisco based digital design firms know about the importance of this design factor. This is the reason why some firms, like Ramotion, stand out in this industry of web designing and development.

Moreover, not only in web designing but also in the logo design you can include the concept of shadow effects to take it to the next level. It gives an alluring look to the whole logo design for sure and will capture the attention of people. This type of design would mostly be suitable when you put your logo in any digital media such as social media posts or profile icons, internet marketing, and a lot many other places.

The depth aspect has been the centerpiece of a number of web developers. It enhances the other aspects such as the softness and intensity. And it results in a more beautiful website that portrays high value and meaning.


Typography should be big and bold enough.

The textual concept must be clear and vivid. It’s the year that has stressed more on the big and bold texts so that the readers can have a prompter vision on the ideas being presented on the web. The site credibility is boosted in a dramatic way. More people have been found to trust on a site with bold typography.

Every website conveys a message. If the texts are not visible enough, or too small, then the site visitors will just leave it because that particular site is not friendly to their eyes. We have to understand that typography serves as a visual tool and your message can easily be understood when it is easy for the readers to read and analyze it. That’s why the UI, UX designers should make sure that the web texts are easy to read.

Mobile-friendliness is the new rule of the game.

Being mobile friendly is another trend. The audience has been fascinated with handy, mobile devices. That’s why the design created by design firms should be friendly to the users of mobile devices. Smartphones have been popularized and people are getting comfort by searching topics and browsing things on the web using their own cellular phone. This is a reality that can’t be ignored. A mobile-friendly design is what businesses need today.

In fact, UX designers have grown in their field due to the dramatic rise of mobile phone popularity. Using the screen menu and features should be easy on mobile phones. An example why it is a must is that if your business has an app and that app allows your customer to send photos to justify their satisfaction or complaints, then most customers would just use their phone in sending the image files. Being mobile-friendly in the web design is, therefore, an important principle that UX designers in San Francisco should focus on.


Don’t forget considering human emotions and feelings.

The end-users of your website are genuine human beings. Like me, they have emotions and feelings. Getting their emotion in a positive way is a business booster. Why is this so? The type of message which reflects on the content to be shared with your audience should touch the emotional aspect of the audience. Their feelings are important prime movers. People used to decide based on emotional factors.

There is what some expert marketers say as “emotional trapping.” It refers to the way of conveying a message that traps their views and emotions. Once they’re emotionally trapped, there is a higher tendency that they will share, interact, comment, and engage in your content. They will spend more time on visiting your site because they like it a lot. The message of your website should not only be bold enough but must also possess emotional realities.

Furthermore, even in the business logo design, you can portray human feelings with various shapes and color psychology. It makes your logo more engaged with the customer as they can somehow relate it with those meanings and emotions. Few companies may even try to convey some meaningful messages from the logo design which has made a tremendous positive impact on the people.


Voice search optimization has already been trending, so ride on it.

Apple has Siri, right? Microsoft has Cortana. Google also has Voice Search. Amazon provides Alexa. These are all tools that are used today by the different search engines in order to capture and evaluate the searches of the customers. They exist for the purpose of providing comfort to the end-users, that instead of typing some keywords in the search space of a particular computer, a voice command can be used to dictate the possible results. The SERPs will automatically hear the voice command and will produce relevant results.

People also find it so interesting and fascinating. By just speaking on the phone’s microphone, there can be plenty of results to choose from.

You have to know that once the processed voice commands favor your indexed website pages, then it would lead the customers to visit your site more often. This is interrelated in a sense. Search engines provide the voice search tools and they process the indexing of web pages that can include yours so long as the design of your site is geared towards the importance of voice searches.

Voice search, aside from the need to be mobile-friendly, is a consideration that web and mobile designers have to give utmost importance.


Finally… What else we have to tackle here?

As a conclusion, the trends this year are very much connected to the realities that happened in the past years. But this year and the years to come will be more on the emphasis of mobile-friendliness, voice search dependability, and thick content. Your website, either simple or complex in terms of features and structural pages, should focus on the aspects relevant to the trends.

On the other hand, there are 4 tips here on how to have an effective web design.

  • It is important that we always prioritize the users’ experience;
  • We have to incorporate tools for more efficiencies;
  • White space plays an important role; and
  • Be true and genuine and don’t be deceived by the insignificant design trends.

Always think that the given tips are just on the surface level of the iceberg and there are more essential points to unveil.