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IDS (Imagine Dealer Systems)

Empresa de relance:

nome: WESTSIDE Kia

Industry: Automobile Dealership

Year Founded: 2003

Headquarters: Katy, TX, USA

URL: www.westsidekia.com

Employees: 30

Customer: Approx 1,00,000

Augupa LLC develop the Dealership management software IDS DMS System for auto dealership. Founded in 2010, the Houston, Texas based company is dedicated to automated business process, reduced cost, improve efficiency and increase productivity.


Industry: Auto Dealership

Headquarters: Houston, TX

Desafíos :

fundada en 2003 based in Katy, TX, Westside Kia is auto-dealership that sells new and pre-owned vehicles. It also services all kinds of vehicle in their Service shop. It also sells parts for Kia Motors.

Apart from the need to streamline their business operations, the client also wanted to integrate disparate business operations and ensure a smoother flow of accounting processes.

One of the biggest problem was data not showing up in real time that caused delay in various departments. Here are some of the problems explained in brief:

  • Redundant data entry was required to transfer work to accounting
  • Misplacement of Purchase Orders paper resulted in late payment.
  • Taxes due dates were missed because of existing complicated system.
  • Bank reconciliation took more than day to finish up work.
  • It required users a minimum of 10 days of training, to understand the application as the existing system had no Graphical User Interface (GUI) and was not at all user-friendly. Which resulted in additional training cost.
  • Payroll took more than 3 days to finish, because of the manual work required. Payroll hours, and other payroll details had to be entered individually and vacation and other benefits required manual tracking.
  • Accessing data archive, required and additional payment, which was called “click charge”
  • Email functionality was missing.
  • To email a document, it required to be printed, then scanned, so the document can be converted to pdf format and then manually attaching it to the email.
  • Receivable department had to manually email customer to remind them about their payment.
  • After Sales deal was finalized it had to go to three different sections of the same department (accounting): Payables, Receivables and Payroll. This process took 2 para 3 days to close the accounting for a single deal. And sometimes, documents got lost in transfer process.
  • Warranty cancelation for a sales deal was manual process. After a sales deal was finalized, customers sometimes would change their mind and request a warranty cancellation, the customer had to be refunded. The whole process took more than 2 hours as the accounting and filing clerk had to manually search for each deal in the deal paperwork and request a cancellation.
  • System could not recognize the warranty receivables details from factory for service repair orders, as the way of reading format for the warranty details in accounting were totally different than that in service. así, the user would have to go in and manually search for each repair order, and make sure they got paid for the right car with the right amount.
  • When the client was funded from the manufacturer/financial institutions, the accounting clerk had to manually search for each car deal and adjust accounting entries based on the funding amount received.


IDS-DMS Solution:

  • To reduce redundant data entry created custom software with all module connected in centralize database.
  • Digitalizing Purchase Order which can be access anytime and sending reminder alert to user before the payment due data help to avoid late penalty.
  • By integrating with banking system IDS automated bank reconciliation process with few clicks.
  • By designing simple Graphical user interface reduce training times from days to hour.
  • Integrating with 3rd party api to calculate current taxed and automatic clock time integration help achieve reduce time and increase productivity in payroll.
  • IDS included document management system vital part for business success.
  • Email communication was built in every part of IDS software so user can email payment reminder, invoice, PO, repair order ect.. directly from software
  • Digitalizing deal process alert each department electronically to process their work rather waiting for paper work.
  • IDS centralize customer database and their warranty information that help warranty department to access customer document anytime, also with one click refund check functionality, payable can issue check in one click without making any error.
  • Custom PDF file importer IDS imported all Repair Order payment information and compared with existing repair order help automate warranty payment reconciliation.
  • As manufacture provided XML file with detail of payment and VIN number. We developer XML Importer to helped make receivable for car that has been sold by comparing VIN number and payment amount.

POS (Point Of Selling)


Design a centralized sales and purchase management solution for proper orientation of purchase order, sales operation and vendor information. Provide solution for ordered management of sales operation carried out on real time basis.


  • Design proper purchase and sales management solution
  • Integrating POS transaction, POS Master and POS Report functionality for proper sales and purchase work flow
  • Sorted Barcode setting issues
  • Understanding the SGST, CGST and IGST calculation process imposed by the government
  • Implementing automatic updating functionality of purchased and sold item inventory list


The team of Blue Box Infosoft provided Purchase and sales management solution by designing POS-Point Of Sale software in order to store purchase order, sales and vendor information for proper work orientation.


Beneficios para a empresa:

  • Reduced manual work process
  • Storing all documentary information
  • Organized sale and purchase item details
  • Organized work flow