Possibly the all-time most debated question in the IT industry is;

Whether are there really any differences between IT help desk jobs -call center and Service Desk? Our answer is “yes.” 

However, for many business entrepreneurs, these differences between IT-help desk support services and service desk can be chaotic. 

This occurs as they will frequently use the terms interchangeably to denote the same concept. 

But, before choosing for either one of these services, you need to know what exactly are Help And IT Desk. 

Help Desk;

The IT help desk is seen as more tactical, with the primary goal of helping to resolve end-users’ immediate technical issues incidents and needs quickly. Expected to be efficient and speedy, the help desk is reactive. 

The IT help desk can be part of a more extensive service desk operation or separate to boost the overall organization’s customer services segment.

Key traits of the help desk; 

  • Functioning as a single point of contact -SPOC for IT support
  • utilizing a tracking solution for all incoming incidents.
  • Routing, ticket tracking, and email notifications automating
  • Providing primary incident and service request management
  • Integrating with other practices, such as knowledge management and configuration management. 
  • Displaying basic self-service options for end-users

Who might choose for a help desk? A toolset formed for a help desk is likely to provide support for incident and service request management and fundamental change enablement operation. 

For micro, less complex organizations, with minimal reliance on IT, this is a sensible and cost-effective option.

Service desk

The IT service desk is a generally full function that is more strategic and cross-organizational. A service desk looks at the more extensive business requirements and context rather than being independently focused on fixing the user’s needs, as a help desk functions.

The definition of the service desk is the single point of contact-SPOC between the service provider and the users. A typical service desk deals with service requests, incidents, and takes care of the communication with the users across.  

The service desk has a help desk component, but it aims to be proactive in enhancing IT and business processes across the organization.

The best service desks are continually looking for opportunities to run all IT processes, including the help desk, more efficiently.

key traits of the service desk;

Tracking compliance with service level agreements -SLAs.

Providing a self-service capability for service requests and incidents with an integrated service potency

Communicating and Integrating with the configuration management database -CMDB. 

A more mature organization with integrations, complex IT systems with third-party vendors, and a crucial reliance on their IT infrastructure will, indeed, need a full-blown IT Services solution with an integrated service desk duty.

Differences Between IT-Help Desk and IT- Desk Service.

If your company strives to offer solutions to technical issues, you will require a help desk. The help desk can be a component of a service desk or an objective role. 

A service desk is the POC – point of contact between the end-user and service provider.

Moreover, the IT help desk is for fixing IT-related errors. The aim of the service desk is to deal with the customers, which makes work easier for the IT team by communicating with end-users.

They also assist users with specific requests, like ‘how do I connect my laptop to WiFi?’ 

They present a communication source between the IT department and the end-user, moreover help desks work on issues as they arise. In contrast, service desks focus on the overall process and long-term business goals.

Understand Your Business Needs?

A service desk is ideal for:

  • Automated emails
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Tickets
  • Service requests
  • Automated responses
  • Customer portal and user feedback

A help desk is best suited for:

  • Focusing attention on the end-users
  • Incident management
  • Immediate and occasional fixes

Quick fixes

A service desk can be viewed as a modern version of an IT help desk added feature. However, a help desk is essential for monitoring the operations within the organization. Based on how mature your firm is, you will have to decide whether a service desk or help desk or is better for you.

There is no wrong answer

Therefore we the IT Support Services in Houston advise is to call it what you want: service desk or help desk. The only thing that matters—bringing about the business outcomes that your organization needs.

Best implementations for choosing the precise methods.

If you go to different groups on LinkedIn or other forums, you will find many fervent debates on this topic. These conversations differentiate the kind of software that you may use to promote the work done on your desk. Based on the research done by our IT support team located at Katy, there are two major best practices for choosing the right help/service desk tools for your business.

  • Keep it simple
  • Basics is a beginning


Don’t get dazzled by all the whistles and bells available in today’s toolset marketplace. The bait of added value features can sway us towards spending more than we planned.

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