Craigslist Posting process is a fairly easy one, if you really want to advertise through this great marketing platform that is, on top of everything else, free!

In this article, Cheap Craigslist posting Service will explain to you in detail how you can use Craigslist to advertise your business like a pro.

Craigslist is a text-based website fashioned on classified style ads. So you need not worry even if you’re not a techy person because you can totally do this.


Advertise your Business Effectively by Cheap Craigslist Posting Service

So, is Craigslist really the best route to market your business?

Yes, it is. And read on to find out why:

  • Craigslist is almost like Google, especially in its own right. It is one of the most visited websites in the world. For example, according to, it is the tenth most visited websites on the internet.
  • With the right keywords, your Craigslist posts can show up in Google search results.
  • It is a truth widely known and acknowledged in the Craigslist universe that mostly, businesses post poor quality ads.
  • The best thing about Craigslist is that it’s FREE and very easy to use. And since it’s free, there is no harm in testing it out for your business.

Below, we have made a list of ten tips that can help you generate great results on Craigslist. Read on to find out:


9 Tips for Generating Results on Craigslist:

1. It’s all about the Title:

Craigslist is like the yellow pages. As you are sharing one common space with everyone else, you have to make your title stand out to get anyone to click on it. What you can do is:

  • Have a little bit of fun with your title. Make it different and make it stand out. Also, you can try to keep the title benefit-driven. For example:

Welcome the Happy Days

Hot Summer Specials: Have the First Look Here!

This Deal will Definitely Make you say yes!

Another thing you can do to make your title more attractive than the rest id to add icons and make sure you use the entire character length allowed by Craigslist for a title:

►►►Welcome the Happy Days►►►

☀☀Hot Summer Specials: Have the First look Here!☀☀


2. Keep the Ad Text Tightly Aligned:

Speaking from experience, short, tight ads convert better. You should keep each line of the text restricted to 8 words or less. This makes it very easy for the Craigslist reader to scan your ad, read it fast and act.


3. Add Clients’ Feedback:

Nobody does this. Consider this your secret to successful Craigslist marketing. Add a testimonial to the text of your ad and prepare to be amazed by the results.


4. Give your Website’s Link:

Give your Website’s Link

Again, from experience, we have to say that ads with a website address in their win hands down. Most probably, the reason behind this is that it gives the reader an opportunity to get more information about your business before making a decision for or against you.


5. Give an Incentive to Contact You:

Why should the person take action and contact you? Give them an added incentive such as “Call now and you’ll get ABC or XYZ.” Even Better, add a guarantee that sells your product or service for you.


6. Learn from the Competition:

Craigslist provides a search feature. Use it to your advantage and search your category of business. See what your competitors are up to.

This is what craigslist posting service does.

See how often they post. What they’re saying. This can give you valuable insight when writing your ads. If there are no advertisements in your category of business that can be very good news for you as you will literally have no competition.


7. Write Ten Varied Style of Ads & Post Twice Daily:

Start out by writing 10 different style ads. Then post these ads twice daily. Do not post more than this.  Here’s why:  Craigslist has a ghosting feature where if they see you posting to frequently they will ghost your ads.  This means you’ll still receive a confirmation that your ad was posted, but it doesn’t show up.  If they ghost your ads, it can be days to weeks before they start showing again.

Twice a day is all you need, and make sure the style varies. That’s why you’re writing 10 ads to start.


8. Posts with Images work best on craigslist:

Ads with images yield far better results than only text-based ads. However, each business type and category is different so you should test what works best for you.


9. Incorporate Keywords within the Text of your Ads:

Incorporate Keywords

Here is an optimized ad posted in Atlanta for SEO Service

People use keywords to find what they are looking for on Craigslist.  A good rule of thumb is to include several keywords in the body of your ad, so that if they search your keyword, your ad shows up.

These would be the same keywords of how someone searches for your category of business on Google.

It’s simple and easy to do, you can do it yourself.. But if you don’t have time you can always hire a Craigslist Posting Service to do it for you!