Analytics show that one of the most frequently visited page on a website is the “About Us” page or an “About Me” page. Its the page for you to showcase what you are, what are the core values that you stand for and why should your visitors go with you and become your customers.

The “About Us” page gives you an opportunity to impress your future prospects who are looking into getting your services or products. You better not lose that chance!   

I have seen a lot of businesses taking their “About Us” page for granted and just focusing all their energy on their Home Page or their Services Page, which no doubt are important but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the equally important “About us” page.

Here’s an infographic showing all the elements needed for crafting a perfect “About Us” or “About Me” page.

Crafting your "About Us" page


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Few Other Tips For Your About Us Page

So apart from the tips mentioned above in the infographic, there are few things you should keep into consideration like focusing on the fact about you and/or your company rather than just creating hpye and bragging.

If you are looking for some of the best and perfectly crafted About Us pages you can see a list of them here.



Though it may seem like a lot of work and abig task to accomplish, in reality it is not!

Its all about good story telling, creativity and how you stand out to convience your audinece.

Let us know in comments below, how you stand out with your “About Me” page and what makes your page unique and converting?