Do you want to grow your Instagram and take it to new levels? These tips we created with the help of the Instagram experts at Famoid will help you do just that

Posting images that are going to attract attention from people and make them want to share.

How can you get engagement from the audience?

The key thing is making sure you have offered great value and design.

A picture is worth a thousand words … ensure the picture you are posting says the right things

The two apps that I use when creating all my posts are Typorama and WordSwag. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a designer when there are great tools that you can use in making great stuff that looks professional without having to spend even a single cent. They are also simple to use.

Using strong calls to action (images, bio, and comments)

When many companies start on Instagram, they make the mistake of failing to tell the audience what to do or where to go.

The bio section in your profile is the perfect place for your “call to action” that is going to direct viewers to the sales page. The bio section gives you up to 150 characters, so use it for your call to action.

My page directs my audience to my home page, and then ask them to sign up so they can get a mini-course for free by just entering their email address.

If you deal with physical goods, then it is important to post what it is you sell. But one thing many people don’t do is go to the comment section and tell people what to do. If there is an item you are selling, tell them what they need to do.

(One tip I have used is linking in the bio and then directing them to click on the link … never worry about being redundant. You have to spell things out)

You can also use the images to improve your engagement. Using tools such as WordSwag is a good idea because it is going to make things easier, and even a first grader can easily learn to use it.

Many people find that buying some followers initially can make a post look more popular and in turn will encourage more people to share it. Read this if you are wondering how to buy Instagram followers or wanted to know the way it works.

Let’s say a post gets a 3% percent engagement, which is huge. Many people usually have a hard time going over the 1% threshold. This provides the chance to ask any questions about the brand.

Another thing to keep in mind is not always pushing to sell. One strategy that has proved effective is “warming up” the audience and looking at the long-term to make the sale. This is going to pay back.

Posting all the time

Instagram is all about volume.

While it has not been confirmed by the company, accounts that post a lot tend to be favored than those who don’t post a lot.

I managed to grow my number from nothing to 10,000 in the first month, and I was posting 5 to 10 posts a day, with 2 hours between the posts.


Hashtags are important, and not meant only for teenage girls.

You can use hashtags in creating awareness of what you are up to.

View it as a search tool that helps users find ideas and topics they like.

How should you use them?

When making a post, write the caption before you post. Once you post, go to the comment section then attach the hashtags that you had saved beforehand.

Let’s say you are a founder of a company dealing with nutrition coaching like GreenEats. When posting on Instagram, you will need to add hashtags to the image so they can be easily found by people not following your account. You have the option of adding up to 30 hashtags for each post.

You should invest time and effort in researching hashtags that are commonly used in your niche, then have them together in ‘Notes’ (for iPhone) or similar apps. When you want to post, just go and copy then paste it on Instagram.

(this will not look “spammy” since the first comment that contains the hashtags will be hidden after five comments. This means people will not know).