Need Earn Extra Money fast, these tips are here to help you do so in a savvy and smart manner.

1. Take Surveys Through The Internet

Even if you don’t have a lot of time available, you can still earn a little extra money by taking surveys through the Internet. There are a lot of different survey sites out there that offer real money in exchange for your thoughts and opinions. Getting started is easy. After registering, you can start giving answers to survey questions. Most surveys are designed to help brands understand the wants, needs, and opinions of potential customers. In some cases, businesses will even pay to have you try your hand at a game or install an app on your phone.

Below are some of the leading survey sites currently available:

– Survey Junkie. Make money by answering questions and providing your opinion. Register here today.

– Surveys on Swagbucks. You can now take surveys through Swagbucks. As an added bonus, they give you $5 just for registering for the site.

– Opinion Outpost – This site pays real money for taking surveys.

– Points Club – Earn points in exchange for providing survey answers. The points can then be redeemed for money or prizes. Get $5.00 free for signing up via this link.

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2. Website Testing

Based on my experience, this is one of the most enjoyable ways to earn money quickly through the Internet.

Companies are often interested in gathering opinions about their websites to learn how they could be improved. They accomplish this through the use of website testing. Testers are tasked with visiting the website to see how it performs. After their visit, they then are asked to provide their opinion on both the look and feel of the site and the way that it functions. Most site owners pay well for the opinions of their website testers. pays participants $10.00 for each site that they test. The process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Click here to register. They pay out on a daily basis starting a week after you finish your initial testing task.

3. Take Care Of Children Or Pets

If you have a few minutes to spare, you can register as a pet sitter or babysitter for people in your area.

Rover is an excellent option if you love animals. This app is designed to connect customers with qualified dog sitters, dog walkers, and house sitters. Signing up is easy. Before you know it, you can start finding clients in your city.

If you prefer working with children, Sittercity could be a good option. Within just a few minutes, you can register to provide babysitting services in your area. Although they do conduct a background check, it is still fast and easy to register. Once you are signed up, you can start connecting with clients near you. If you want to get more clients, try making yourself available for last-minute bookings. These gigs pay quite a bit of money and are usually flexible.

You can learn more or sign up here:

  • Register for Rover
  • Register for Sittercity

4. Sign Up To Be A Food Delivery Driver

Delivering groceries and food can be profitable if you have a reliable vehicle. Most people are already aware of services like Lyft and Uber. If you don’t like the idea of having to carry passengers, however, food delivery is a good alternative.

This fast-growing industry makes it possible to earn good money without the need to carry other people around in your car.

Instacart is a relatively new grocery delivery service that has been experiencing explosive growth recently.

Don’t let the lack of a vehicle keep you from exploring this option. Some areas and services allow people to deliver food via scooter or bike.

Here are some of the services that you can register with:

  • Register for UberEats
  • Register for DoorDash
  • Register for Instacart

5. Sell Gift Cards That You Don’t Want

Have you ever gotten a gift card for a place where you never shop? Instead of struggling to find something that you want to buy or letting the gift card go to waste, why not sell it? There are a lot of online venues where you can sell gift cards that you don’t want for cash.

If you need money immediately, you can sell your gift cards through Coinstar machines. You can find the kiosks in the entryways of most grocery stores and big box stores. All that you have to do is scan your gift card and it will give you an instant offer for cash.

If you have more time, selling your gift cards through CardPool is a great option. They have some of the top prices and will even provide you with a bonus if you opt for an Amazon gift card rather than cash for your payment.

Extra Earning Opportunity: Check the “Gigs” section on Craigslist

If you need money immediately, the “Gigs” section on Craigslist is definitely worth a closer look. People post a wide range of jobs. From house cleaning to lawn maintenance, there are a lot of different tasks to choose from.

Most jobs that you can find in this section of Craigslist can be completed in less than a day. Oftentimes, they only take a couple of hours. That means that you can get your money extremely quickly.

Typically, you will get paid as soon as the work is done. Some gigs pay high rates.