Becoming a freelance consultant and getting work is very easy these days. All you need is some knowledge and fantastic writing skills. You don’t need to have an MBA degree in marketing. If you are a knowledge seeker and an excellent communicator you should go for this profession.

In the internet, networking world getting a freelance work is not that difficult. You just need some launching pad. Here are five tips on how you can become a highly paid freelancer. Getting a low paid work is very simple, but to have a highly paid work you need to follow a few steps.

1. Know your Niche

You should know your expertise. What are you good at? You can be a copywriter, creative writer, digital marketer. You might be a pro at designing, fashion, food etc. To become a successful freelancer knowing a specific niche is highly essential. Start building extensive knowledge on your niche.

You must be equipped with marketing, but that doesn’t mean you will be a successful marketing freelancer. But you can broaden your horizons with e-courses and webinars that doesn’t mean you need an MBA degree. You just need to know your speciality or the X-factor.

2. Set up your platform

Start your website, trust me this is your launching pad. A freelance writer without his website cannot set a platform for himself. Your site will reflect your skill sets. Starting your website is very easy. You can even check out online tutorials. Your website should at least include information about your services, credentials and testimonials for your marketing.

Set up your profile in freelance marketplaces. It will be much easier for your clients to discover you at freelance marketplaces. Freelance marketplaces can even get a bad reputation as you might get very low paid work as you are not Neil Patel yet. So clients may not rely on your website to get leads. Jeff Tennery Ceo of moonlight a mobile app to connect people who are looking to work and earn money believes that freelancers need more marketplace to discover to create more leverage and increase work. He also says that the more places freelancers can be discovered the more clients they can secure.

3. Choose your rates

Now that your launch pad is ready you will need to choose your rates. I would suggest you should not publish this on your site as this does not give you the opportunity to negotiate. You can adjust the prices for a few clients who you think are good clients and can be your long-term clients.

How much should you charge? This is one of the articulate factors that will decide on how you become a highly paid freelancer. Set your rates too low, you will end up wasting time on low paid content. Kennedy information conducted a small survey and found that small partner management or IT consulting firm on an average can charge $294 per hour. An entry level consultant $175 per hour.

4. Start Networking

For starters do the networking in your professional and personal circle. People you already know might send you clients. Send e-mails to your friends, family and former clients, ask them for reference. Start networking online join online communities related to your profession or business. Have your professional social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Make your contacts with other professionals they might send referrals to you.

5. Learn to say “No”

This is an essential aspect of attaining a high paid freelance. You might have a fear of having no work and you agree to work at any rate. This should not be the case as you might decide to work at a meagre price. Keep a competitive rate as this will help you find prospective clients. Filling your hours with low cost won’t get you any goodwill or scale up your business. Like saying ‘no’ is a life lesson which works equally well for your business.

Your prospective clients may ask for discounts, but you need to maintain a straight line and politely say no. Explain them your published rates and make sure you are paid for any additional consultancy. Your time is money it’s not for free.


When you start out your career as a freelancer, you will learn a lot of things and those lessons will help you make better decisions over the time.

As the famous quote says, “Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions”, you will strongly believe so once you start learning from your experiences. Our CEO, Himanshu Patel shares some of the lessons he has learned from his freelance consulting career and that will help you avoid making the same mistakes he has made.

Follow these variant five steps and get your consultancy potential clients. These steps will surely make you a highly paid consultant. Apply your skilful, analytical, innovative mind and increase your business horizons. You can be a pro with these freelancing tips.