Backlinks are an important part of your SEO strategy and when done the right way can help you generate a huge amount of traffic to your website.

And how are backlinks going to generate more traffic to your website? Backlinks are like recommendations to your website: the more you have it the better it is. The more backlinks you have from high-authority websites the higher impact it has on your website.

Backlinks are a search engine’s way of figuring out who well recommended and trusted your website is, and that way it knows to rank it higher in search engine result page (SERP) which in turn brings you more traffic.

Google Page Rank Algorithm

If you have an already established website that has been active for quite a few years then you might have some backlinks, but for those who just launched there website, it’s gonna require some work and some patience.

A strong backlink profile plays a vital role in gaining visibility of your website. Keeping a track of whether the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is in right path or not, then you will have to keep a track of what kind of approaches people are taking and the effect of it on market.


Importance of backlinks

Based on a study conducted for 1 million SERP results, the number of domains linking to a website has a significant impact on the search ranking factors.

Number of referring domains Impacts Google Ranking

Which means that higher the referring domains you have, higher you will rank!

To make sure, search a keyword in any search engine, say Google, and get the top 5 results. If you analyse those domains you will find out that they have a large number of domains linking back to them.

For Search Engine Optimization(SEO) backlinks matter the most. The ratio of people who believe that backlinks are an important parameter is 72% while there are around 24% people who believe that it has somewhat importance but there are other parameters that also matter along with it.


Link Building Challenges

When you are in the field of link building you have to go through many challenges and cross many barriers. Crossing these barriers you will be able to succeed in the back link creation. All the small and big business enterprise which is engaged in Search Engine Optimization have faced barriers and overcome it. The challenges that you will be coming across are low response rate, lack of opportunities, personal lack of experience, request for fees and so on.


High-Quality Backlink:

One of the best ways of having a high -quality backlink is by designing infographic which is attractive and appealing. But instead of creating it and posting, you will have check for people who have posted contents that are similar to yours. Collect the contact details (email address) and send it to whoever responsible. There will be people who will be willing to take the advantage of your info-graphic to promote their content.


Quantity Of Backlink

Now, as you know that why people prefer the quality of content to be at its maximum best but if you ignore the quantity then you are probably making mistake. There are people who would prefer more quantized backlink which they would prefer to getting it from low domain authority and medium authority domain sites. They would not link to take on account the quality of links rather they would prefer anchor text and other factors.


Way To Generate Backlinks To Your Website

Now, I would like to give you a detailed knowledge on how to generate high-quality backlinks:

Ask publishers for  backlinks

The best method of driving people is by asking other publishers to add the link in their article. Then put your efforts in finding out which site is suitable for promoting your content .i.e., you should be focusing on finding similar blogs that match the content o your website. This will be helping you will build up a higher range of audience towards your website. Steps that you should follow in order to get more links to your website:

  • Find blogs or pages that have high authority ranking parameters
  • Find out sites that come in accordance to your niece then find out their contact details like email address
  • Next step is to check out the broken links in the sites and then send emails to those sites for adding your content
  • If the content that you are adding is worth appreciable you will be able to drive people around you and your business will move further. Hence resulting in higher ranking of your website.


Use Infographic

Creating an attractive visual representation of the content that you want to deliver to the audience will help in building up the reputation. Take time in creating infographics which are eye catchy and attractive. Post the design along with your content. When you are done preparing your content post it on all social media platform and simply relax on your couch. Once the content that you have posted will drive more and more audience towards your website. Hence high-quality backlinks will be generated for your website’s ranking. These free tools will help you create free infographics:


Guest Posting

You can build a strong bond with your co-bloggers and then start Guest Posting your content on their blogs. This will help you in building a better relationship along with the target audience and also with your co-blogger. Don’t misuse this opportunity just to earn quality backlinks. This will do no good to you and your website. Google will add penalties as it takes count on each statics. So, here I would like to mention few tips that you should follow:

  • Never compromise with the quality of your content
  • Write for visitors and not for getting backlinks
  • Try not to break rule of Guest Posting
  • Always give credit to owners
  • Keep professionalism and be influential with the contents that you post
  • Try not making any grammar mistake


Write on facts

When you guest post on another website make sure that you are having a reliable content which carries some facts. This will work in your favor and along with it, you will be able to drive the audience to your website. When you show your content based on facts and research statics then you will be able to get create backlinks to your website. When you are providing contents that are based on real facts mind that you are keeping these basic tips in your mind:

Go in depth

Before getting yourself started, dig deep down into the content and refer each topic deeply. Try understanding even the minutest thing that can reach the visibility of audience. If you are able to go through the top 10 search results then it will be an added benefit.

Check your availability

 After understanding the topic and taking a deep insight into it, try analyzing what you have and want to deliver to the end users. This will help you drive people around the website.


Social media Engagement

If you are having an online website business then you need to get yourself registered to all the social media handles which can provide you a wide exposure. When you are posting your blogs into different social handles then you will be able to drive more people towards your website which will, in turn, increase your website’s ranking.


Generate email list

An email list is something that you can use for your favor when you blog at regular intervals. you can notify your audience with all the contents that you have for your website. This will help to build a reputation in the market and drive people attention. For example, if you are having a list of 1000 subscribers and you have out an effort of informing all of these people. So, there is a probability that out of 1000 subscribers at least 10 people will be responding and mention the article on their blog.



So, adding link is one of the most important techniques which will work in your favor. I hope the tips that I gave in this article will help you build a huge customer base. So, whenever you want to add any back link to your website go through the tips that I have mentioned below.