If you know businesses can fail if they are not generating a good number of leads. You may a get a hundred leads in a week, but the problem is only two of them got converted in the week. This is a very meager ratio of conversion even to earn the right amount of money to pay the bills.

If you are just generating 10 leads in a week and converting 4 into sales, the ratio is quite good. If your sales team gives more time and attention, they can build a more effective business process.

The Goal of Lead Generation Is to Generate Revenues and Increase ROI-

Measuring and optimizing lead volume is worthwhile. But it is beneficial if your ultimate goal is lead generation, and enhances ROI.

In that case, if you are generating inbound sales leads, you may drive qualified leads that may maximize the value of your salesperson time and resources.

Being said that if you are generating inbound sales leads you may drive qualified leads that maximize the value of your sales persons time and resources.

Here are a few things that will help you identify quality leads.


1. What A Qualified Lead Looks Like?

Define a qualified lead for everyone in your organization to understand. Your adequate lead definition does not have to be complicated.

Here are a few definitions that you can follow while lead generation in Australia.

  • A privately held company with $ 1 to $ 10 million annual revenue.
  • An annual digital marketing budget of $50K -$ 600K
  • Has a running business for at least one year.
  • Has a lead and sales process and not an e-commerce
  • Pleasant to deal with and not rude.

You can’t know all of these at an early stage of the sales process. These items, serve a useful guide right from the stage of get-to-go and remain focused on the end goal.


2. Create An Effective Unique Value Proposition

Qualified lead generation starts with your marketing process. The strong part of your marketing is a compelling Unique Value Proposition.

This is a term that is widely misinterpreted and very rarely used. UVP means having that distinct, appealing idea that will set you apart from every other competitor in your industry. UVPs are also valuable because they tell the prospect why they must deal with your brand. A UVP can easily knock out most of the competition.

They set you up with a relevant and focused pitch.

Following strategies might help you.

  • Direct SMS – Send a direct SMS that explains a predominant client base, enterprise-level features, and support. Without bloating the overhead cost. The account- management structure is an expensive alternative.
  • Trilogy Funding – This is useful if you are a property investor broker. You would get a better outcome by speaking to all three of them. The broker, realtor, and the owner. Once you talk to the trio, you can talk to the generalist.


3. Use educational forms to generate leads

This is the key to sell something high-ticket and complicated. It is hard to keep each one of them educated and every aspect about the intricacies of how you are unique and how you add value to the time-consuming process.

You can write a guide or set up a webinar and draw tactics on these education-based marketing.


4. Opt-in marketing

It is a form of permission marketing in which there is a formal opt-in process for follow-up, communication, offers, etc. In this type of marketing, the marketers ensure that he gets additional information at a later date, removing an unwanted element of surprise and anger.


5. Framing

You invite the prospect into your frame and get him to see their potential problems and solution through a lens or viewpoint that supports the sale. You can use unique language and unique structures that create exceptional value for propositions that can convert the most profitable customer in the market.

If you like this tool, you can think of it in terms of framework and language. Once you do this, the next move would be to convert a lead into a customer.

These are some of the unique ways to generate high-quality leads. Discuss with your marketing team and understand which combination strategy will work the best for Australia.

What you need to know is with whom you can and can’t align these sales and marketing processes.