Realtors need to maintain a healthy amount of leads. You may be flooded with investors when the property rates are low and interest rates are low. But there are dull times when the market is fluctuating, affected by the economic changes. This may stop your momentum from generating more leads.

Real estate is very unpredictable in nature. Predicting the next thing and generating leads needs some professional tactics. You can hire a professional to help you generate investment property leads. Here are some out of the box lead generation strategies you can try.

1. Generate Partnership-

Being a realtor, you need to partner with the best of attorneys, bankers and commercial lenders. A strong partnership with the co-hosted happy hour with a local financial planner can benefit both parties.

You can share qualified leads, provide valuable resources to your clients and monitor trends in the related industry.

2. Plan a housewarming party-

Did one of your well-connected client just move into their new home? Offer to plan and cater to their house warming party. Then stop by the party to mingle with new prospective clients. A party at your clients will help you meet clients with similar financial backgrounds. You can recognize people who are awestruck by the home you have helped their friends buy.

If you see their new neighbors around you can ask them if they are looking to sell their property.

3. Conduct meetings at restaurants-

Meet clients at restaurants or local coffee shop to discuss the terms of offer or sale. Schedule these meetings at the same restaurant.

You can build a good relationship with the wait staff and get access to the best tables. This way you will look popular in the community. Get in touch with other regulars at the restaurant making you the perfect person for them to contact when they are a ready buy.

4. Send a handwritten note-

Use the old school technique, write a short and sweet handwritten note with an actual stamp. Send this note to your past and present clients. Write a Thank You note for choosing them as your trusted realtor.  Remind them that you are available to answer questions, suggest a reliable moving company and send essential tax documents.

A handwritten note can be a unique way to express appreciation. Your client will save this in their inbox.

5. Paid Internet Marketing-

Many sites will list your ad on their websites. It is the era of internet marketing. Capturing the right audience online is highly essential to generate those leads you are looking for.

You can advertise your listings with Pay Per Clicks options like Google Adwords. You can also create Banner Ads and pay directly to advertising on relevant sites.

Facebook is also an excellent social media platform to create, target and track your paid ads. Reddit is not recommended as a direct marketing platform, but subreddits are affordable and effective.

6. Start Your Own Website-

An online presence creates your own brand name in the digital space. A small presence on someone else’s website may give you that brokerage. But building a personal brand will give that leverage over your competitors. Through a website, you can showcase your specialties and showcase reviews from your clients. It is crucial you have a presence in the local market.

Now that you have your website don’t forget to optimize your site. Write blog posts, tackle common questions and challenges from clients during the buying process. Create and share videos. Capture email addresses by having a newsletter signed up.

7. Be A Niche Expertise-

Expertise in a specific area or in helping clients find the perfect apartment. Discover your niche and expertise in it. Once you discover your niche expertise, you can focus on that specific group and built a reputation as the best realtor for this group of people.

8. Generate Leads On LinkedIn-

Join LinkedIn Groups you know where your target audience is frequently active. It may be a group of a real estate investor or a group of first time home buyers. Look for a group where your buyers are more active and ready to make a conversation. Make a regular conversation before your starting with your professional pitch.

Share a blog article in the investment group about up-coming projects in your area. If you see comment question about interest rates or any other query, answer the question with expert insights in the comment section.

Leads are the lifeline of any real estate business. With targeting the right audience at the right time, you can generate some leads. But to capture a whole lot of leads in a particular area, you can hire an expert. Niche expertise in generating leads can help grow your realtor business.