Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost your brand. In recent years it has gone from being a bonus to an essential for any business. It works by creating content for an online audience that can be published in a variety of ways, such as organic social media content, campaigns, print, editorial, website content and much more.

According to Reboot Online, ‘3x the amount of sales leads are generated with content marketing compared to traditional marketing’ (Statista; Reboot Online).

Say goodbye to boring blog posts and website copy. We are a content marketing agency London who do everything from insight to illustration to create beautiful content to help brands tell their stories.

As an established social media marketing agency in london, we examined that investing in content marketing will provide your business with increased brand awareness, more user engagement and increased sales.

The first thing to consider is your content strategy. To do this, you need to identify your audience and what makes them tick. Insights can be provided through research reports, to analyze your audience and competitors to better understand your market.

A good strategy will provide a solid, long-term foundation for your business, drive traffic and engage your audience. We not only devise a content strategy for you but also deliver the creative outcome to bring your brand to the next level.

Keeping up with the latest creative content trends is important for us to provide your business with the best service. As we are living through a period of constant change, research and insights on consumers’ behavior and competitors have never been needed more.

This ever-changing time requires speed; faster content is highly consumable, with the rise of emerging social media platforms, video content appears to be the most popular and consumer’s attention spans shorter. Performance is key; streamlining our efforts into avenues that will deliver measurable results is essential for our clients.

Connecting with your audience on a personal level can cultivate a stronger following and provide more engagement, so create content that your audience can resonate with. As new social platforms lead the way, keeping your content fun and thinking laterally about how you can use digital platforms will widen your audience reach. Whilst it’s good to be informative, purely visual content is more engaging for your audience and appears the more popular choice.

Showcasing innovative, high-quality content is important to attract and engage the right customers for your brand. Get creative! We use a range from video and animation to written web content and blog posts to improve our client’s SEO rankings.

However, there are a few things to consider like keywords, voice, visuals, wording, originality to gain more brand awareness and rank highly on search engines.

All content marketing agencies in London will tell you how important creative content is for your brand, so using the latest trends to mold your content will keep it fresh and current.

With more people viewing online content than ever, focusing on producing high-quality, creative digital content may be more effective than traditional marketing.