Until lately, the utilization of facial recognition software technology was limited to security professionals and scientists. However, today it has critical business applications. Facial Recognition, a structure of applied machine learning, can be used to identify and detect human faces. This opens up new opportunities for businesses and governments.

Regardless of the controversy that persists in enfolding its implementation in public forums, facial Recognition online prolongs to be tried, tested, and even utilized in various public forums.

If you are a business leader and have been wondering what the commotion is all about, and whether there is some efficacy in this new-fangled development, we have got you covered. In this piece of writing, we will look at the three aspects –

1 Evolution

2 Where is Facial Recognition being used?

3 What are its benefits?

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For all the media coverage surrounding and hype- Facial Recognition, the technology has been around for some time. The first algorithmic severe work in detecting faces was the Viola-Jones Object Detection Framework published in 2001. Though a general-purpose framework for recognizing objects within images, it was quickly applied to face detection with excellent success.

Computers were constantly beating humans in identifying faces, especially when a huge number of random faces were involved and that happened to be the first time in history. 

Where is Facial Recognition being used?

Facial Recognition has found incredibly exciting and useful applications. Some of these are noticeable, but some are so cleverly and weaved into everyday life that we barely stop to think about what’s at the base.

While sometime before, you were asked to tag friends, now Facebook can do so on its own. and Facebook is perhaps the most common example of modern facial recognition systems. The social network can detect a face as soon as you upload the photo.

  • For these filters to function, the contours and features of the subject’s face need to be detected ideally; otherwise, the overlays won’t look realistic. The same goes for Face Swap, another popular feature in Snapchat. 
  • Uber has been battling safety and privacy concerns for a while and the newest weapon in the company’s stockpile is facial Recognition. The company has rolled out a new attribute where its driver-partners’ identity is verified by using their faces.
  • Police surveillance is beginning to make high use of facial Recognition like all the other institutions out there.
  • Healthcare recently had an unexpected application, where facial Recognition helped detect a rare genetic disorder called DiGeorge Syndrome. As such, facial Recognition, with an astounding accuracy of 96.6%, offers new hope for victims of DiGeorge Syndrome.
  •  In the airline industry, facial recognition adoption is picking up, and it’ll soon replace the usual boarding passes. Currently, there are partial but promising results in helping identify passengers as they leave the country.

How Facial Recognition Technology Profits Biz around.

There are various business applications of facial recognition technology-FRT.

Subsequent are some of the ways facial recognition technology can advantage businesses.

1. Security

Smart Lock allows smartphones lets users to unlock their phones by holding it up to their faces which is functioned by a facial recognition app that Android users can download to their phones, 

Using the Face ID app scripted by Apple for iOS the iPhone users can do the same. 

By using this technology, businesses can shield their devices with sensitive information.

2. Privacy

Users of the multimedia messaging app-MMS and Snapchat can now choose their privacy settings for photographs thanks to the company’s adoption of the technology of facial recognition. 

This facial recognition of Snapchat scans faces in images to find which ones to block to ensure privacy as well Snapchat’s facial Recognition is enabled when the account of a user is set to a specified setting

This system makes use of an emoji to block out the selected faces. The similar technology can be practiced by businesses to protect the privacy of their people.

3. Employee Productivity

If the manager is on leave and there’s no other mentor in place, they may ask a colleague to punch in their attendance while they rest at home. However, unless a manager continually keeps an eye on their team, they will never know.

With facial recognition technology, managers and employers can make ensure that employees can time-in only when they are physically present at the workplace. This is the subsequent best thing you can do? Implementing facial recognition technology for employee attendance.

This technology that is installed on the work desks of individual employees will enable you to know how many hours they have invested in work and how much time was scattered.

We may have to wait a few more years, and the practice will completely change how employees work and take adequate levels to a whole new level.

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4. Payments

The eCommerce sectors are working towards integrating their payment methods, with facial recognition technology. 

This is definitely a breakthrough expansion, as it will help to significantly reduce the risks of theft and fraud for businesses worldwide.

Very soon, facial Recognition will become so common and widespread and so that we won’t even notice it just like mobile phones. 

In today’s as well as the coming era, Facial Recognition is a discovery in every sense of the intelligence

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