Building an in-house IT team requires patience, due diligence and a clear understanding of the skills necessary for the benefit of a company in the long term. In today’s era businesses of any kind have a wide range of requirements like the website design, search engine optimization, online marketing, graphics, social media engagement, and customer resource management.

Many companies are confused whether to outsource or hire in-house. The answer is not black or white. You may be running an established mobile shop that has worked with big brands, or an automobile business of a renowned brand, the benefits of in-house and outsourced can be utilized in different ways.

Human resource, accounting, and customer service have increasing demand in the IT sector. The whole industry needs to be managed and maintained continuously.

Security is one of the significant issues for all IT companies. A major spyware attack or a cyber attack needs specialist staff to deal with it.

Whether to hire a full time in-house IT staff or outsource them is the question? Let’s check out the pros and cons of each approach.


The main benefit of this approach is that the company can bring someone with specific skill sets to accomplish a particular task. When the specific job is achieved, you may not require those unique set of skills again, so it is logical to hire a professional only for the duration of the project.

This approach is right for a one-time specific project. It is financially beneficial and you will have a professional focused and pro at the required skill set. A full-time employee will have general IT skills applicable in various situations.

The disadvantage of outsourcing is that a freelance IT professional may demand a higher hourly rate as compared to an in-house IT person. It can be difficult for someone with the right skills and someone who is affordable, trustworthy & available whenever needed.

Sometimes companies don’t know what to look for. During that time a company will build up a book of contacts which they can rely on for outsourced IT work. This needs a constant update. The outsourcing fees should also be kept in mind.

In-house IT

Buildup an in-house IT team means that you can train them as per the companies specific requirements and needs. The in-house IT team will always be available whenever needed. The in-house IT staff is invaluable especially in case of an emergency breach.

Train the in-house team, the company can ensure the necessary level and retain them with exclusive contracts. Can keep the start performers whose work stands out the company from the competition.

For example- If a company’s website stands out due, exclusive design and exceptional content. It is not like the designers and writers will do similar work for twenty other companies.

The positive aspect of building an in-house IT team can mainly be seen regarding the primary financial outlet. To find the right people and train them can get costly. The training of in-house employees never stops as they always need to update their skills, knowledge and attain training.

You get what you pay is not applicable here. In-house employees will go that extra mile to get the job done and provide exceptional services. They are familiar with what is needed by the company. An outside contractor will take time and more pay.

Some details might seem irrelevant at one time may be crucial if deleted completely. Some companies feel that outsourcing is a better option while others think that in-house is right for them. It depends on different companies and their perspective.

A hybrid approach

The ultimate option would be to opt for the mixture of both methods. An in-house IT team is essential for all including smallest companies. The focus should be on online marketing, support, security or any other IT area that needs continuous supervision.

There are outside contractors like graphic designers, or problem troubleshooters can be kept on call. Studies suggest that media and digital marketing can be handled in-house while other crucial roles are being outsourced.

To build the right team, you need to keep patience, diligence, and clarity of the skill sets required by the company. One thing is clear that IT is the center for running a successful business. As the AI life is not too far, many companies will eventually realize that outsourcing to an IT Service Support Company to work for them full time is the need of the hour.