A brand or business’ ultimate asset and the most potent weapon is its fan following. Fans are what makes a brand or product popular. It is essential to manage the fans to keep continuing their interest in us.

Many brands complain that their social media presence has decreased drastically recently. How their brand is losing its grip on the market. This article will guide you on how to increase your fan engagement and turn them into brand champions.

Why Fans Matter?

For social visibility, it is essential to have highly engaging fans on social media channels. Few highly engaged fans are better than a large pool of disengaged fans.

Fans create a multiplying effect by sharing your contents on their timeline and their followers again repeating the same, and it goes on and on. It helps to increase your social visibility, follower base, and popularity.

According to a study, Facebook suffered a steep drop in engagement rate. Survey of top 20,000 brands and 43 million posts found that all their pages suffered 50% drop in engagements. It caused due to the new ‘meaningful interactions’ update to its news feed algorithm. This new update prioritized friends and family posts upon public content. Still, engaging fans besides any changes is inevitable for business. Brands must mobilize to generate these meaningful interactions to get to their fans.

Find Highly Engaging Fans

Fans who share and like every post of your brand and comment on them are highly-engaging. They are highly enthusiastic about your products and offers you reveal. Keep them engaged in your posts and ask for sharing your content among their circles.

Always respond to these fans by liking or retweeting their posts. It motivates them and maintains their trust in your brand. Message them personally sometimes. Make your audience feel valued.

Tools like SocialRank are used to identify your most engaging fans on Twitter and Instagram channels. SocialRank is a paid version which also shows how your brand is performing in comparison with others.

Keep contests and rewards for engaging more fans. Give out freebies for the winners. Contest and prizes will effectively increase the fan following and social visibility. Arranging on a regular interval and on festivals with customized hashtags to share is seen quite helpful on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Hire Campus Ambassadors

To increase their visibility, Internshala.com started hiring their college-going users as their campus ambassadors who would promote Internshala’s courses in their colleges. Internshala rewards them according to their performance and gives out free merchandise.

Hiring Campus ambassadors is a relatively new and effective strategy used by brands to promote their services among campuses and institutions. The results of this strategy are positive and seem to leave an impact if planned and worked out correctly.

Send Newsletters

Newsletters are useful in the engaging of the audience which is less active on social media platforms. Newsletters must be timed to should be dispatched regularly. Including links to your social media handles will additionally promote you and encourage them to follow you on the same.

Use these techniques and improve the social visibility of your brand.