Interactive content has become the latest lead generation tool as it allows your brand to stand out and engage visitors to be your loyal customers or subscribers.

Today, we see there is a lot of content available on the internet, but users are no more interested to read static, monotonous and boring content. They want original, powerful and quality driven content of great value. Therefore, you need to be proactive and choose from the best interactive content platform alternatives to create outstanding quality interactive content.

So, based on the features, scalability, and credibility we are showing you some of the top content marketing platforms which will help you make a perfect choice. But before that, we will look at the most desired features which you should look in the interactive content platform alternatives to choose from.

On the basis of these 3 features, you can make a wise choice. We will also discuss about the 3 supreme content platforms and what they offer as per the features that you should expect from an interactive content platform.

The features of interactive platforms should be:

  • Variety of tools
  • Easy way to create content
  • Value for money


Variety in tools:

When you create content it is extremely necessary to have a platform that offers several tools, basically the content formats. Quizzes, surveys and polls are some common examples, but there are more formats to explore. Choose templates which are very easy to use, but you should choose the one that can match your content with its look and feel. It must sync with your brand.

For example, Ion Interactive offers 10 very interactive formats and it includes calculators, e-books, interactive infographics and whitepapers, assessments, quizzes, resource library, landing pages and interactive solutions finder. There are pre-built templates which you can customize as per your needs and create end number of content pieces.

SnapApp offers 8 types of interactive formats which include assessments and personality tests, polls and surveys, calculators, galleries, contests and sweepstakes, brackets, interactive infographics and knowledge test. It has customization and pre-built templates, but when it comes to content experience, it is limited. The starter plan allows you to create up to ten contents only and that too up to two users.

Opinion stage offers 9 interactive content formats which include polls, interactive story, trivia, slideshow, set, form, list, outcome quiz and survey. There is CSS edit, white labeling and many templates along with unlimited content experience.


Easy way to create content:

Contention creation should be easy and valuable for you. The platform must be user-friendly where your users should be able to do what they desire without complications.

For example, Ion creative can be a bit complex for users. They need to take time to learn it.

For SnapApp you need some training to use the software appropriately.

Opinion Stage is easy to use and you can make interactive content within seconds. You can easily put different types of quizzes and blog. Free version is simple and has great capabilities whereas paid version can handle the big traffic volume.


Value for money:

Choose a platform that offers you flexibility because some platforms will ask you to take the premium plan in the first go. Analyze your needs and think whether you can downgrade or not? Ask yourself is there an option to test the platform before you pay.

Ion Interactive do not offer a trial version or free plan. They offer enterprise plan that can be tailored as per your needs. There is no flexibility as they offer lock-in contracts.

Snap App does not offer a free plan either. Their customized enterprise plan includes global marketing teams, interactive marketing strategist, etc.

Opinion stage cost is certainly great as it starts at $29 per month and they offer a 7 day trial period. You can downgrade and upgrade anytime. There are monthly subscriptions and no lock-in contracts.

So, these are the three factors on the basis of which you can decide about the interactive content platform alternatives available.


There are many other features which you should consider as performance and integration. A great marketing interactive platform should work with your existing applications. It should integrate with Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to optimize your campaigns and improve revenue. The application should also load quickly and easily without causing any problems to the users else they may not be engaged and switch to competitor’s solution.


So, when you think of choosing the interactive content platform then do look for these features. It will help you create interesting and unique content which can be loved by your audience and allow you to stay ahead of your competitors.