Interiors are the integral parts of our homes. They make our houses cozy, comfortable and beautiful. Every new year brings new, attractive product designs. You can embrace the open concept design to move to more tactile textures with interiors.

You may want to renovate and repair your homes after getting an insight on the new designs. The latest trends are about IoT connectivity, Labor efficiency, Engineered products, Black finishes, simplified customization, ultramodern.

1. Internet of things (IoT)-

It is the era of smart homes. Technology has opened a new door to tech-savvy homes with Amazon’s Alexa and similar personal assistant devices. The homes of 2018 are flooded with smart home products. The smart homes have covered security, plumbing, appliances and HVAC.

2. Labor efficient product take center stage-

Product manufacturers are investing in processes that streamline product designs. The new product designs are not only easy to install, but also prevent child labor and disruption of labor laws indirectly.

3. Engineered products-

These products are capable of offering great designs with less maintenance. Like engineered wood, we also have a range of engineered commodities like decks, subfloor, siding, doors, countertops, surfaces, interior millwork, etc.

4. Black is back-

Black is the dominating factor in the interior world right now. Appliances like plumbing, hardware and window/door exhibits are black.

5. Customizing becomes simpler-

This year’s major focus is on minimizing costs and complexity for the consumer. Private-label hardware options, mix and match colors and finishes. You have the option of customizing the appliance panel.

6. Ultramodern designs-

With ultra-modern interior designs, mirroring the home builder shift to ultramodern home elevations. Product building companies continue to offer new products designs to stay ahead in the competition. A resold house does not keep up with these design trends. Hence, a home builder or remodeler will continue to grow its market share in the upcoming trends.

Let us check out a list for trending interior design products-

1. Copper gutters-

The bold trend of 2018- copper gutters! You want to keep it sassy, go for the copper gutters. You surely need to pay some premium for this classy upgrade. For home lovers, this upgrade is classy, stylish, unique and durable. New construction or a renovated home you can go for the dramatic copper. Be a drama queen and upgrade your home.

2. Energy savings-

Everyone would like to save a few dollars on energy and utilities. Most of the appliances have extended to being energy efficient. We have energy efficient materials too for product building purposes.

The millennials are all gaga about going green. Our generation would always prefer environmentally friendly products. The products that are sustainable, fulfilling the purpose of design using renewable energy sources are more readily used. Products like “Low-E” windows as well as low flow toilets for water conservation.

Solar power is trending for a long time and remains to be a trend in 2018. India is going for the solar energy starting with Cochin International Airport being the world’s first solar power airports.

3. White is the new black for the kitchen-

The dark cabinet look has always been the trend. Some of the new homes may still opt for black as black never runs out of fashion. But the new homes are opting for white cabinets. It probably will hit the entire US soon, becoming the trend of 2018.

4. Smaller homes-

Baby boomers are looking for tiny homes as they are on the verge of entering retirement. They need smaller, low maintenance spaces. They have become minimalists now, opting for simple lines, two pieces of furniture and downsized accessories.

5. The outdoors-

Outdoor living space is a simple extension of the indoors. Most of the homes are opting for an up-cycled porch, patios and decks. People like the comfort of outside sitting area without any cooling or heating.

6. Walk-in shower-

It is the era of the fuss-free shower. You would love those bathtubs and jacuzzi only if you had the time to use them. Walk-in-shower is the low maintenance trend of the year. There are fewer parts to clean and you can have a barrier-free shower.

Conclusion-  Thinking about new home designs or you are looking for a whole home renovation. These trending products and building designs at your rescue. It is technology everywhere, go for a techie home in the tech era.