Designers don’t just make beautiful things, they tell a story too. Telling a story is actually important when designers are trying to make a functional website or dynamic mobile application. A story entices an audience. Every business aims to convert that audience into its market. One way to do that is through an effective online presence. Having said that, it is imperative that every business should be searchable online, and one way to accomplish that is by having an informative website and usable mobile application.

There is great demand for the website and mobile app developers, as well as other attached firms like branding and design agencies, because of the growing need to be present on the web. The best way to showcase your app or website is through the iPad mockup.

Portable and convenient

The best thing about the iPad, whether you are talking about the regular iPad, iPad mini or iPad Pro, is that it can easily fit in your bag. This means that it will be easy for you to share your story and present your ideas. The great thing about the Apple products is that you will be assured that presentations will have high resolution. Present your best stories through design via iPad and iPhones mockup. There are various mockup templates to choose from—you can choose one that would best tell the story of the prospective client.

The mockup is the best way to tell the story because it is professional looking. And because the internet is an abundant source of materials, there are various ways for you to tell a story via the hundreds of devices mockups and free PSD mockup online. The free iPad mockup will also allow you to create your own template for future use. This way, you have a number of available backups for future endeavors.

Of course, when you do it with your tablet, it is very convenient. You can meet with your business partners or prospective clients anywhere—coffee shops or restaurants or even the park if you just happened to be nearby. You don’t need to reserve the conference room anymore and you don’t have to wait until when it will be available to you—with the iPad mockup, you can present your story anytime and anywhere.

Why present with an iPad mockup?

Apple is on a league of its own in creating tech products: from the iPhones to the iPad airs and even MacBooks and EarPods that are innovative and highly practicable. The brand is also in the habit of always updating and innovating its products. Apple gadgets are pricey, but it is easy to understand why. Apple products are also easy to navigate, complement that with the perspective mockup and you will surely have clients lining up for your digital product. Perspective mockup lines up perfectly with what the iPad is about as it is versatile when it comes to perspective. You can check out app designs in whatever layout, something that is not easy to achieve when using a large screen during presentations.

There are too many benefits when you are working with an iPad mockup. For one, you don’t need to work from scratch because of the available vector mockup plus PSD file of everything you might need in a presentation. Again, complement these with the available tech benefits of the Apple product and you are bound to have the easiest time making your presentation as beautifully and as smart as possible. Because of that, you have the benefit of saving time and energy. That only means you still have extra time and energy to make more digital products for client demonstrations. You can also make different prototypes because alternatives are always good. You could prepare photo-based digital products or ones that rely heavily on moving images.

Apple’s tablets are the best vessel for a presentation because of the wide range of resources available like the iPad Pro PSD mockup, iPad mockup in PSD and sketch, and iPad Pro clay mockup via Ramotion, among others.

Blow them away with your story

Now that things are easier for you because of the large variety of mockups and digital design products to choose from, it will be easier for you to concentrate on telling a story. Everybody loves stories and every business has a story. When you present a mockup of how its website or mobile application should look like, allow that story to be highlighted. A mockup will just enhance your presentation, the core will still be about the story and the design aspect. Allow creativity and insight to flow out of your mockup.

When you tell a story, start with a strong message. What is the product or service about? Why do people need this product or service? How does this product or service improve the lives of the people? Nobody wants to watch a screen and read a novel. Keep text at a minimum and make visuals interesting—striking photos or important videos or both. When you do use the text, make sure that the font you use will not irritate the audience. There are design rules for text and you should know those in order to deliver the appropriate digital product.

When you have your story in order, make sure you can partner this with the right kind of mockup. It has been established that there are hundreds of mockups available and not everything will be the right fit for a particular product or service.

As final as it can get

The goal of a mockup is to present the final output to a prospective client. Of course, it is still a mockup, therefore not final, but you cannot give out a presentation with that kind of mindset. Do not prepare a mockup with the intention of still changing it. Your mockup should be final, it is up to the client to make changes if they want to. In other words, your mockup should already be your best output—from the design process to the story display.