Check out 2018’s strongest social media trends and what they mean for brands. When it comes to B2B or B2C, we all assume social media is out of the question. But the truth is that we are marketing to people and people are into social media these days. Get insight on social media marketing trends for B2B AND B2C.



Usage of social media platforms- 

Facebook- B2B- 89%, B2C- 97%

LinkedIn- B2B- 81%, B2C- 44%

Twitter- B2B- 75%, B2C- 65%

Instagram- B2B- 45%, B2C-46%

Youtube- B2B- 42%, B2C- 60%

Printerest- B2B- 60%, B2C- 32%


Top social media platforms for B2B marketers- 

Facebook has passed LinkedIn as the most important social media platforms for B2B marketers. But still dominates the B2C space being the number one choice of 72%.


Paid social media adds.

B2C marketers are using Facebook adds more than B2C marketers.

B2B marketers are using LinkedIn adds more than Facebook ads.


Commonly used social content type. 

B2B marketers are much more likely users of blogging when compared to B2C marketing.

B2C marketers are more likely to use live videos compared to B2B marketers.

Blogging is more important for B2B marketers as compared to B2C marketers. B2C marketers place more importance on visual content.