Have you noticed people using Hashtags in their posts and blogs on LinkedIn? Hashtags have developed LinkedIn marketing in itself where creative writers and bloggers have started increasing their reach by adding more and more hashtags in their posts. LinkedIn is an excellent professional way to publish and gain more connections thereby expanding your range.

This article will inform you to develop a robust strategy about using hashtags and how you can increase your reach on LinkedIn.


Check for Popular and related hashtags

LinkedIn is popularizing hashtags to its users to use and follow using ‘Your Communities’ section on the left-hand side of your feed.

Click on the pencil icon, and it’ll allow you to check, update or delete the hashtags you use through Your Communities section. Discover more button will enable you to add more hashtags to your feed to receive related articles.

Follow more hashtags and analyze which hashtags can help you increase your reach to your work. Commenting on a post using hashtag also expands reach to a certain level.

Determine the hashtags other people use in their posts and research on how they use them. It can help you give an overview of how hashtags can be used.


Check for the popularity of Hashtags

Linkedin Hashtags to Use

Tools like hashtagify can help you evaluate the popularity of hashtags and also let you discover which influencers use it. It is a paid tool with a 7-day trial for limited access to its services. You have the option to choose from various plans according to your requirement.

Another tool Tagdef allows you to search for hashtags and analyze on their popularity. You can have a quick search on whether your hashtags provide enough reach to your posts.

It is essential to use the best hashtags that engage the audience relevant to your posts. Always keep a note of all the hashtags you use and categorize them as you apply. Keep updating the hashtags with the changes in trends to maintain your reach intact.

LinkedIn doesn’t limit your use of hashtags, but using popular and relevant hashtags in your marketing strategy is quite remarkable. LinkedIn allows you to edit and post your posts to keep updating new hashtags.


Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups is an excellent platform to get information, sharing views, ideas, posts, commenting and video sharing. You can share your content on these groups to increase your connections. Join more relevant groups that have a large member base.

Use these techniques to create a marketing strategy and excel in your career with LinkedIn.