Logo is your brand’s identity. You need to make it stand out so that you can be recognized just by a the image of it.

Logo design surely needs to be artistic. Apart from being aesthetic, it has to be scientific too.  There are four major principles to be used: attention, response, meaning, memory.

Lets us see the science given in this infographic for logo designs

Color Theory 

The color you choose displays specific psychology.

  • Red- Displays warmth, energy and aggression
  • Green- Natural, ethical, affluence
  • Pink- Feminine, Tranquil and loving
  • Blue- Integrity, Professional and Sucess
  • Yellow- Intellect, Optimism, Cheer
  • Orange- Community, Social, Adventure
  • Purple-Intuitive, Creative, Imaginative
  • Black- Strong, Formal, Sophisticated

Colors influence 93% of purchasing decision and 85%  site color as their main course for buying the product.



Shape Psychology

Shape is the most critical part of any logo design. Human brains are wired to understand shapes distinctively. Design a shape that will be easy for a human mind to understand and remember. Brands like Puma, KFC, Nike have a unique shape that you remember.

Every shape has a unique meaning behind it.

  1. Circles- The round shape represents a community,  unity , completeness. Circle shape displays strength, partnership and resilience.
  2. Squares- The most robust and reliable shape. This shape stands for balance, professionalism and security.
  3. Triangle- This shape is compelling, often used to promote religion, law or science. This shape represents power, masculinity, stability.


Be your original self and yet set the trends. Choose a design that represents your organization and make an impression with it!