It was far more comfortable during the conventional days when conventional techniques worked well to attract the youth. Creativity and efforts were required for designing campaigns and writing engaging copies. Advertising professionals were more concerned about the output rather than measuring effects of their creative campaigns.

Who exactly are millennials?  A millennial is anyone born in the 80’s, or 90’s the member of Generation Y.

The millennials have the annual buying power of $200 billion. We are an immense force for all the marketers.

Today in the digital marketing world measurement means everything to marketing and communication professionals. Your creation will be a failure if you don’t have any data showing your measurements, data, analysis and the effects of showing demographics of the target audience.

Not only the demographics but enticing the target audience to convert.  In today’s world, this is a dark reality when your audience is the millennials.

Millennials being largely digitally connected have high digital marketing expectations about the authenticity, brand experience and engagement.

This is not a general statement. We have statistics proving the same. There were some old days where celebrity endorsements had some effects. Today we go by what our family and friends tell us.

If a friend recommends a brand, you are more likely to believe him and go for the brand. Statistics show that 89% of millennials trust recommendations from family and friends more than claims by any brands.

Almost half of the millennials, i.e., 44% are happy to promote products or services on social media for rewards. Millennials are 247% more likely to get influenced by online media.

Let us now see some of the essential changes marketers need to make to reach out the millennials.

No one likes direct marketing

The millennials do not want to hear directly from you. They would like to hear from other customers. Content generated by the websites influences what they buy.

Advertisements on your behalf through social media, blog posts and the old-fashioned mouth to mouth marketing strategies work the best for the millennials. Example- You must have many vloggers promoting a certain clothing brand by making a video haul for the same. Basically get your influential customers to promote your brand.

Measurements are everything

It is the era of measurements. How much did your creative marketing campaigns work? Winning a marketing campaign is not enough analytics are the real result of your marketing campaign.

Along with analysis having an idea about Customer Relationship management is equally essential. Prove your potential with an actual value, not awards. As it is rightly said, don’t believe in awards you should believe in rewards.

The sale is not the end point of your job

Old school marketing involves the conversion of leads to the final step being the sale.

The sale is not the end point of your job

Old school marketing involves the conversion of leads to the final step being the sale. Think about the entire customer experience rather than just sales. The customer journey must be as per the customer experience promised by you.

Creative marketing is about having a broader vision. Having an image of the customer experience from start to end of the marketing cycle. The cycle includes product, buying process, ability to provide support and customer relationship.

You need have a feel for how the customer will perceive your brand.

Customers want active consumption and not passive consumption

A marketers job is much more than just plain marketing these days. You need to take care of your customer’s expectations. Your ad campaigns need to be interactive and engaging.

Statistics may not work in your favor even after all the engaging content you have generated. The key to engaging marketing is to give your customers a way to interact with your brand.

Creative marketing is a very booming profession in the digital world. All marketers just need to have a feel to give the customers the experience they are expecting from your brand. Interactive marketing is more attractive to all the millennials.