“There is only one influential definition of business purpose: to create a customer.”

The primary reason is generally due to a lack of understanding of what marketing plans and strategies will work and how to implement them properly.

Your small Minimum Support Providers can compete against enterprise-level corporations.

Definitely, you want to sharpen operational infrastructure utilizing the latest technology, but once you find a centralized, efficient service alternative and become the best at it, you will be on your way. IT marketing surely enables you to get there.

Usually, bigger organizations tend to have a “shotgun” diverse approach to marketing.  In context to it -What could be the best example than a departmental store? As they have a modest bit of everything. But just as ma-and-pa shops with a specialty can compete with department stores, similarly your IT group can compete with “the big dogs.”

Highlighted below is a list of seven marketing strategies that have been proven to be effective for IT Support Businesses and Minimum Support Providers.

1. Direct Mail Sales Letters

An appropriate written sales letter can easily be the most effectual form of marketing which an IT Support Managed Services can access effortlessly.  To execute an effective campaign, however, the following things are required: 

  • Make Use of a reliable mailing list– Many reputable list providers can offer you a list of companies that fit your perfect target customer size, geographic location and industry.

For Instance, If you’re located in the US, your local library may offer you with free access to the Reference USA database, an exceptionally valuable list resource.

2. Referrals

A prospect will appoint you only once they feel they can trust you – and only when they believe you will do the job you promise.

The easiest way to set up that trust is if your prospect is introduced to you by a colleague of theirs who can guarantee your reliability.

And the easiest way to get referrals? Is Definitely doing a stellar job for your existing clients – and then, it’s simple you can always ask for one!

3. Business Networking

Business networking gives you the chance/opportunity to meet dozens of like-minded sales professionals or business owners that will go out of their way to find you a new consumer and refer them according to your methods.

Flourished business networking only happens when the referrals flow mutually.

4. Cold-Calling

When done recurrently, cold-calling can be the quickest and least expensive way to obtain new consumers.

The tactic to cold-calling success is to do it over and over again, without fail. Use a steadfast list of targeted prospects and make Use of a script that has been practiced to the point which you can deliver comfortably.

There are many prospects out right there who require a new IT Support Consultant. And we can bet- If you call on them, they will assuredly talk to you.

5. Your Website

A useful website is one who lands on your home page and sells your service to every visitor. This is done through efficient copywriting, which is similar to a direct mail sales letter.

When a visitor flips over your website, this may be your last opportunity to institute a relationship.

No Flashy graphics or witty slogans – is what will give you the finest chance at pulling the prospect into your sales cone.

No matter how impeccable your website is written to you, however, it’s of no use if no one sees it.

So ensure to invest some SEO efforts into it and get it listed in top of the search engine rankings for the effective keywords in your area.

6. A Monthly Newsletter

If a prospect visits your website but isn’t yet convinced to make a deal with you, offering them an informative newsletter is an excellent approach to draw them into your sales arena and maintain regular contact with them.

Offering a newsletter is an excellent way to endorse new services or products to existing customers.

7. Free Trial

For a prospect to enter into a long term relationship with you, they have to definitely trust that you’re the right source to do the job. And the easiest way to prove this to them is to low cost and ease of installation along with support and monitoring utilities -the cost of providing a free trial of your service is minimal.

Taking into consideration what the lifetime value of a monthly, managed small business client can be for you, isn’t it merit it to give them a month of your service so they can see and experience how wonderful you are?


Your IT marketing should be centered on whatever meticulous service provision defines your operation. What are you excellent at? Focus on that, promote that, offer testimonials which exhibits how good this provision of yours is.

Merely using a few of these techniques in your IT marketing cache can be successful enough to generate the new business your company requires to continue in order to thrive.

Stage all of these techniques into play all together, and your sales arsenal will speedily be overflowing with the gush of customers and clients.

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