We see it all the time, people starting blogs and make the same mistakes. Yes, trial and error is a part of life. However, if you can cut out a lot of the commonly made errors you can save a lot of time and progress faster. So, here are 7 mistakes for you to avoid when blogging: 


1. Using the Wrong Platform to Blog

Who’s your host? What is your domain? What platform do you use? If you don’t know what the answers to those questions are or you don’t understand them, you are already making several blogging errors. If you choose to start a blog, you have 2 real options: creating a serious revenue generating platform or creating a casual blog.

If you want to blog just for fun, sign up via Blogger, WordPress, or even Tumblr, customize your photos and colors, and then get started. However, if your plan is to make some money, you need to learn the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com – the former is necessary if you plan to use your own domain. You will have to find a host, register your domain, and then customize your layout.

Unless you are very good with HTML, CSS, and web design in general, you should consider hiring out the customization work. Whatever you do, ensure that your website/blog looks great on tablets, desktop computers, and even the most affordable cell phones whose screen sizes aren’t particularly large. Avoid making the layout too busy. Stick to one color scheme, avoid playing background music, avid loud or obnoxious pictures, and ensure that text is easy to read.


2. Thinking That You Can Go Down the Blogging Road Alone

Sharing blog posts and pages from other bloggers is of great importance. Why should you share? If you share stories from other blogs in the same niche, they are likely to do the same for you. The readers of those bloggers will start noticing and will head over to your blog to find out what you have to say too.

You should avoid writing everything yourself. You don’t need to hire other writers, but you can seek guest posting opportunities. Try sharing your posts on blogs with massive followings and solid rankings. If you do that, you will capture that fan base attention. If you invite popular bloggers to submit guest posts on your blog, their readers are also likely to come over to your page too. It is referred to as ‘karma blogging’ and neglecting this is one of the greatest mistakes a newbie blogger can make.


3. Ignoring Social Media

It is impossible to start a blog today and expect to get a ton of readers immediately. You might be having the best content online, but if the only readers you have are your family and friends, you probably won’t get far. Take it to social media. Create a Facebook page for your blog, manage a LinkedIn profile, start a Twitter account, and start a Tumblr too. Share information about your most current posts on social media along with serious stories, funny anecdotes, as well as pictures.


4. Assuming that Money Will Appear Magically

Money does not grow on trees and it does not come through the Internet via magic either. If you wish to make money on your blog, you will need to sell advertising. You can pitch yourself to companies and businesses so that they advertise on your blog or you can sign up for Google Ads, which will put you in touch with advertisers looking to share their services and/or products on popular blogs. Other bloggers may wish to buy ad space on your blog too, which is yet another instance where karma blogging can benefit you.


5. Making SEO ‘Sins’

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always evolving. You don’t need to pay money for an expert content writer or even take a class, but you need to spend some time researching SEO best practices. Bloggers often assume that if they stuff their blog posts with a lot of keywords, they will achieve top rankings in the search engines for a particular topic. However, this does not work.

A better approach would be to write engaging content that uses keywords in a thoughtful manner. If you are selling something such as homemade jewelry, you can use phrases such as “DIY jewelry”, “homemade jewelry”, and other similar phrases in your posts, but only if they actually make sense. Write eye-catching titles, use subheadings, share pictures, and prove yourself as an expert on your topic.


6. Quantity over Quality

Blogging nowadays is about quality and not quantity. People want to read something interesting that showcases your brand or your opinion on the world and they want it to be unique and exciting.

Producing less content, but ensuring it’s high quality is the way forward and the best possible manner in which to get people to really engage with your company. Producing too much content can be counterproductive and can even be an issue – learn more here


7. Underestimating the Importance of Comments

Sharing is obviously important, but so too is commenting. If you comment on other social media platforms and blogs in a thought-provoking and knowledgeable way, you will look like an expert. People will respond to your comments, they will visit your blog, and you will grow your audience. You will become part of the blogging community in your niche, which leads to more readers, more money, and a better reputation. It will increase your blog karma too, and will help keep your name out there.

Many people have blogs, but if you offer exciting, engaging content on multiple platforms, you will definitely go far. What are some of the techniques that you have used to make yourself a knowledgeable and successful blogger? If you are just getting started with blogging, don’t you think it is time to start avoiding these mistakes moving forward?