Charities need to be as organized and on top of things as possible and MS Dynamics can be a great investment. Here are some tips on how to use it and some benefits of doing so.


1. Single Supporter View

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the ideal tool for any charity seeking to communicate with its supporters because it provides a real-time view of the interaction between each of these persons and the organization.

Apart from being able to offer an excellent supporter experience, this tool enables charities to analyze and understand the way they interact with their supporters. This can help them develop customize campaigns and increase the effectiveness of their communication with the target audience.


2. Supporter Communication

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do more than revealing opportunities and trends in the relationship with the supporters, but also improve the quality of the interactions with them by targeting them with specific, custom-tailored messages.

The marketing automation features included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer charities the chance to automatically respond to people by using the so-called workflows. This leads to more personal engagement from the part of their supporters.


3. Income Management

Charities can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to keep track of their sources of income, categorizing them automatically and splitting the income across funds. This tool can make the process of income management an easy task. If you wish to learn more about this, then can be a great aid.


4. Event Calendar

Often times, charities have to manage busy event calendars, in order to make the most out of their engagement opportunities such as fundraisers and galas.

Thanks to the event management functionality offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, charities can keep track of their events by integrating this software tool with the event management platform of their choice. Both Eventbrite and Cvent are great for helping charities plan their events and track the results.


5. Grant Administration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps the grant management process by improving the documentation and the collaboration between employees, enabling accurate and detailed reporting.


6. Processing Gift Aid

Gift Aid can do wonders for the income of a charity, but at the same time, it can put a heavy burden on the shoulders of its employees. Thanks to the NfP 356 built-in feature, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is able to process Gift Aid smoothly and efficiently.


7. Third Party Software Integration Capabilities

Integration plays a major role in the market success of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It can provide seamless integration with many third-party software tools and solutions, making it very easy to manage a complex organization and to make the most out of other software tools investments and systems already in use.

In addition, it allows charities to combine and merge data from different sources in a very smart way.


8. Volunteer Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help charities coordinate their volunteers in a very effective manner. They can have an overview of the skills and the training of each volunteer, and on the hours volunteered, thus making it easy to keep them motivated and rewarded for their actions.