The new Google Adword Keyword version lays out an all-new simplified design with new Adword experience. All the SEO’s out there must try the updated Google Adword. You will see a new haul of Adwords Keyword Planner in the new AdWords interface.

Here is what our SEO has to say about the new Keyword Planner ” New Google AdWord Keyword Planner update is easy to use for the user.

Also, so many new things which are added mobile search volume chart, Organic impression share and Organic average position are very much useful for the keyword selection and strategy creation.

The new forecast section is too cool, it immediately shows us total performance impact, max CPC of the keywords and we can play with the bid as well.”

The new version is much more streamed line than the old one. The opening page consists of just two options “Find new keywords” and “get metrics and forecasts for your keyword.”  This is a no confusion version.


Take a look at the new keyword planner.


In the old version, the forecast section requires users to set a bid to get forecasting. Users can set the slider chart and see how bid changes affect the performance metrics of others.

In the old version, with the bid adjustment column, you could increase or decrease your mobile bid by a percentage.

The new forecast section is faster than the old one it immediately shows total estimated performance impact.

The estimated performance also includes a max CPC from the keywords. You have the option of laying with the bid settings by clicking on the drop-down on the plan estimates, or you can select the max. CPC field.

You can see device or location breakouts in the cards in the new menu. You can adjust the list in the cards as shown in the picture below

The role out of keyword planner is not clear at this point. So you might not see it in your accounts.  You might take some time to getting used to the new keyword planner and the changes made in it.

These changes do make the keyword planner its improved version.

With the improved Keyword Planner do your SEO without any confusion.  How is your experience using the new google keyword planner?