SEO – Search Engine Optimization, as the name suggests has the main motive to upgrade the ranking of any web page and make it visible to the search spiders, this will, in turn, help the search engine in displaying your website contents frequently.

When your website is often presented in the search engine, the users will keep on logging in to your website. This will help you grow more traffic to your site. As a result, you will have more chance to convert the visitors into customers.

There are different types of methods that can be used to promote your web services, one is through ‘On page SEO Checklist, ‘ and the other is with ‘Off Page Checklist.’


What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is considered as the most traditional form of promotional techniques that can be used for better ranking of your website. You can add keywords which are more relevant to the contents and hence result in a better classification of the material.

Finding high ranking Keywords and associating with codes will lead you to the better content formation and thus better ranking of your website. This form of content promotion will help you with better ranking but will be limited to a specific time.

You will have to find alternative methods for promoting the content of your website.


What is Off Page SEO?

An alternative solution to drive traffic towards your website. There are different ways online to attract the attention of massive crowd towards your web page, all you have to do is sit and implement proper strategies and keep updating your contents to different for promoting your website.

Today people have a vast variety of solution to gain knowledge of your company. This will not only help you grow an outreach of your site to a wide range of audience but also help you open new doors to promote your website.

Every marketer, blogger, and SEO knows the importance of both the on a page and off page blogging and its importance of getting it ranked. So, before giving a detailed list of Off Page SEO checklists let me give you a comprehensive knowledge of the benefits of Off Page SEO:

Benefits of Off Page SEO

  • Great Traffic: If you are doing guest blogging on other sites for promoting the content of the services you are delivering from your brand then you will be able to drive the attention of high traffic towards your website. So, make sure that you never miss a chance to promote your contents in different sites or blog it on a regular basis. This is an excellent source of adding some customer list to your product or services.
  • Diversified link list: The authority of your website gets increased when a wide range of backlinks from a wide variety of social sites as well as other websites. When your content is promoted from different sites the impact that it creates of the audience is very vast. So, this is again a perfect solution to find new customers coming in search of your brand and products.
  • Ranking Improvement: The primary purpose of Off-page SEO is to increase the ranking of your web page in search engine. Google ranks the posts to the top which has relevant content and is far more visible. This will help your website gain a good range of audiences to your lap and a chance to convert regular visitors of your site to potential customers.
  • Social Media Mentions: When your contents are being shared, liked and posted on a wide range of social networking handles then you will be able to back with a large audience. The user engagement of your website starts increasing, and this also results in a higher ranking of your site. Off page SEO can be categorized as the technique used to appreciate the content of your product or services and adding to their web page using backlinks.

Now, let’s get started with Off Page SEO techniques to promote your business activities:

Social Media Marketing

Social Networking handles are so active and accessible in this era that you cannot avoid a high chance of promoting your brand on your website. This will not go hand in hand if you are unaware of using it for the betterment of promotional activities. Posting contents to promote your product or services on social media marketing platform is a cost-effective solution.

You need not pay money for creating a page on facebook and posting contents, images or videos along with it. There is both paid and free way of promoting your product or services of your brand.

You can post information related to the services that you will be uniquely delivering to the users in social networking sites like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, etc. This form of posting will help you generate a fan base that can lead you to grow more traffic to your site.

These sites have created the user control to keep control over audiences who are bogus and additional posting functionalities are also associated along with it.

Having a good customer base will help you get better with each passing day. Social marketing sites can be considered as e-word of mouth for promoting the website or web page of any organization.

An individual institution can keep an eye on the targets achieved by using the control analysis platform of any social marketing media in which you have registered yourself.


Social Bookmarking websites

Marketing can be carried out using different methods and one among the most impactful methods is Social Bookmarking method, this way can be used to share web pages, articles, blog posts, images and videos on bookmarking sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, etc..

These provide opportunities to upload articles based on one’s interest, allows users to stay connected with others, view that the users like and recommend it if they find it useful and informative.

This marketing strategy can be used by any company to drive traffic. Nowadays this is the widely used means of promotional activity that help gain some potential clients to the brand’s table front.

There are presently thousands of social bookmarking sites available on social media handle, and you can upload your contents on these platforms. You will be able to gain a massive amount of visitors driving to your website.

Here I am mentioning a list of bookmarking sites where you can publish your content and gain popularity:


500 million tweets are sent around the world every day over 35 languages with 300 million users worldwide. You cannot miss out such an opportunity to market the services you will be delivering with your brand on such a big platform.


This is one platform which does not have any limited access. It goes on with the quote ‘show, don’t tell’. 80% of the users of this site are women out of which 42%  adult US women’s have an account on this site.


This is one professional site which has over 332 million members with 40% checking updates on regular basis. This is a big resource in which promotional activities can be carried out. Regularly updating and keeping an eye on the audiences and their movements will help you a lot not only to get better with time but also to implement some exceptionally innovative strategies.


This is one site with over 3 million users to like, share and comment on the post that is uploaded on this site. It is one site where you can gain free traffic for a specific page, website, image or video. This eBay site has the 8th rank in the sense of popularity. You can use this site for promoting your band and gathering a massive crowd for your website.


You can promote your website on this website, you won’t have to work much hard in to, what you have to do is merely mention the link of your website on the bookmarking site, and you will be able to gain traffic towards your website. It has over two million active users which are a significant number.i.e., a considerable audience range.


Forum Submission

Forum submission is a medium with the help of which you can interact with the target audience without any social barrier. You can gain the review of product and services directly from the horse’s mouth.

All the valuable reports that you will be getting for your product or services will help you get better with passing time. All the users from all over the world come online to find a solution to their queries. They seek the advice of an expert who can guide them all through their work process.

You can use this opportunity to promote the services provided by your company. The people in the forum are considered as the target audience who can, in turn, help you get your product in a good position.


Submitting Blog

Writing blogs and presenting it on a regular basis is a critical task that can play a vital role in grabbing the attention of the users. There is a large crowd available in the online websites which find it a useful means to find a solution to their problems using regular blogging methods.

Regular blogging can be done keeping the target audience in your mind. Considering the product and services that you are delivering to the target customers, you can keep on improving yourself along with the services that you will be providing.

An impactful blog can turn on the customer’s interest towards your brand and hence you will be able to gain some potential severe clients with intent to be your regular customers. Make sure that you provide relevant and informative content to the end users.


Article Submission

Regularly uploading articles based on the services that you will be delivering on a daily basis. Giving an informational material to the target audience will help you gain more and more viewers. This will result in better revenue generation and a higher rate of a target audience.

It will keep on building the trust of the audience and hence, this form of interaction will result in better connection with all the customers. If the quality of content that you are delivering is excellent along with detailed information, you will be able to build a strong base for promoting your website.

Hence you will be able to make the ranking of your site with strategized promotional activities.


Video Submission

Visual treat – this is what I call to any youtube video. A video which is a visual representation and promotional medium of whatever ideas and concepts we have. Creating videos related to the user guide which will be uploaded on the famous video site .i.e., Youtube.

Creating new videos and uploading it on a regular basis will lead you to keep your channel work for a long run. You will be receiving positive and negative comments from the audiences which will help you work even more harder for the betterment of your product.

You can upload advertisement of your videos in interval timings. This will help you generate leads and hence drive attention of massive audiences to your website.


Images Submission

An image can speak more than words does. The depiction of an idea to the image will lead to better understanding of whatever you want to convey to the audience. You can upload pictures on as many social networking handles you want and keep promoting your product and services.

Having a hold on the target audiences is something that will help you keep going for a long run. You will require lesser statements explaining your services you the users.



Off-page, SEO will give a wide range of opening to whatever you are seeking. As you keep on posting regular contents on different social networking handles and promoting it applying strong and appealing strategies you will be able to drive more audiences to your lap and build an excellent reputation in the market.

Hence, implementing all proven plans, you will be able to keep your business going for a long run.